This Bouncy Warming Vibrator Is an Absolute Must-Have for Getting Those Big, Blended Orgasms

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Ah, the elusive blended orgasm. That all-over, body-curling, mind-numbing state of euphoria that leaves you in a puddle of pleasure, long after it's come and gone. It's sensory overload, in the best way possible—but it's not always the easiest to achieve.

Well it can be. Meet the Reflexsx Rabbit 3 ($150) by JimmyJane, your trusted guide to getting those big, deep Os easier and faster. This limber toy folds and flutters against the deepest contours of your body, allowing you to hit those hard-to-reach spots that make a blended orgasm in the first place. Gimme. 

Back up—what exactly is a blended orgasm?

The million dollar question. Whether you have a penis or a vagina, you might know how some orgasms are just "meh," while others are mind-blowing? Those mind-blowing ones are probably blended orgasms, as they stimulate multiple erogenous zones. As sex educator Andrea Barrica previously explained to us, it means you're experiencing simultaneous orgasms from different hot spots around your bodies, like your G-spot, prostate, or nipples. “Some people describe their blended orgasms as feeling more intense, deeper, or just as more because there are multiple points of stimulation," she said.

Vulva owners know this can be particularly challenging. Given more than half of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm at all, it's no wonder why other O-zones get lost in the sauce. Especially the legendary G-spot—the nest of nerves inside the vagina notorious for deeper, fuller pleasure—which takes some sleight of hand to get to, to say the least.

Unless you have the Reflexx Rabbit 3, that is.

Why I can't get enough of the Reflexx Rabbit 3

I'll be honest—unboxing my JimmyJane toy didn't leave my mind blown. I test sex toys for a living! And, candidly, it didn't look very different from many of the other bunny vibrators that have recently hopped across my desk.

But it felt different. As soon as I pulled it out of it packaging, I noted how bouncy and bendy it was compared to other models. This is a great thing—its Gumby-esque flexibility makes it 1) supple enough to reach unreachable places and 2) doesn't feel like you're masturbating with an ultrasound probe. Some G-spot stimulators are so rigid, they hurt, taking any enjoyment out of what is arguably the most enjoyable part of your day. Not the Reflexx Rabbit 3—its glossy silicone body lets you add or reduce pressure to your liking, giving you total creative freedom over fullness and force.

Since it is a rabbit vibrator (aka, there are "ears" that vibrate against your clitoris while it's inside of you), it's excellent for experimenting with getting after those blended Os. As someone who once solely relied on clitoral stimulation to get off, trust me when I say this toy is key for self and partnered exploration. Both the bouncy "ears" and the curved G-spot vibrator are independently motorized, so you can turn them on together or one at a time. So if you're not so sure about internal vibration, you can simply hold it inside of you with the motors off while the clitoral vibrator does all the work, allowing you to adjust and figure out what you like. From there, the world's your oyster: Turn on the internal motor and take advantage of the toy's flexibility (or the 10 heavenly vibration modes), or don't turn it on at all and relish in the ears working their magic.

Back to the "shaft" (aka, the part you insert into your vagina). The Reflexx Rabbit 3 also heats up, so you're not sticking any cold, unpleasant plastic inside your body. That way, you can really set the mood. Just turn it on a few minutes before play time and it'll warm up to just above body temperature by the time you get back. Yes, please.

JimmyJane rarely disappoints, and this bouncy bunny toy is no exception. Those blended orgasms are well within reach with a few clicks of its buttons. Add it to your nightstand here, or buy one of its other iterations below (all of which are just as fantastic).

Reflexx™ Rabbit 1 — $150.00

This toy features the same bounce-back technology as the Rabbit 2 and 3, meaning it’s just as pliable. But the distinct U-shape makes it great for getting close to that G-spot, while the thrust-y “come-hither” motion does all the work.

Reflexx™ Rabbit 2 — $150.00

Or, get this curved cutie that really takes out all the hard work for you. That’s thanks to the ergonomic finger grip on the Rabbit 2’s end, taking out the hassle of twisting into different positions or using it with a partner.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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