Who Knew? Jonathan Van Ness Is As Good at Yoga As He Is at Hair

Photo: Getty composite/Dia Dipasupil
After devouring the two seasons of Queer Eye on Netflix, you probably have nightly dreams about Jonathan Van Ness working his magic on your hair. The grooming guru undeniably has mane-molding superpowers, giving a flawless new-and-improved look to everyone he puts his hands on. However, you may not know that when he's not offering life-changing blowout hacks or creating anti-inflammatory face masks from items in his pantry, he's probably doing yoga.

It turns out that aside from being a hairstylist, and podcast host, Van Ness is also a longtime yogi (of about 12 years and counting!) and actually has a group of clients he teaches in Los Angeles and New York City, according to LA Yoga. In a recent Instagram post of his underwear-clad yoga sesh (would you expect anything less?), he exerts seemingly effortless control over poses like chaturanga and scorpion handstand in a flow so graceful and mesmerizing, it will leave you in a trance.

Van Ness tells LA Yoga that his practice helped him get through his audition for the reboot of Queer Eye. "Auditioning was nerve-wracking; I called upon everything I had learned in yoga about how to be uncomfortable. And most importantly, I explored the answer to the age-old question of how to tell the difference between the dull ache of discomfort that you can just sit through and the sharp shooting pain that you just have to tap out of. Learning to sit in discomfort and keep breathing is always key."

Now, please feel free to watch his video approximately a zillion more times. The effect might be as restorative as doing your own yoga practice.

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