I’ve Never Been Able To Find a Bronzer That Looked Natural On My Fair, Cool-Toned Skin Until I Tried Jones Road’s Latest Launch

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As someone with cool, pink-tinted fair skin, it can be challenging to find a bronzer that fully complements my complexion. Sure, tons of bronzers exist, but even the brands that offer shades for light, medium, and dark skin tones often fall short in the undertones department. It’s not all that surprising considering bronzer is designed to add warmth to the skin, but still, I’ve always thought it would be nice to find a shade that delivers a healthy-looking glow on cool-toned skin without looking noticeable like makeup. Well folks, let’s skip the small talk: Jones Road has done it.

First, some backstory: Jones Road is the brainchild of celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown. Launched in 2020, the beauty brand aims to cater to common complexion needs in the simplest, cleanest, most inclusive way possible. One example: The Jones Road Miracle Balm is designed to be applied with your fingers and serve as a one-stop shop for no-makeup makeup. (And according to one Well+Good writer, it truly is a miracle product.)

The brand’s latest launch, the Jones Road Bronzer ($35) is a velvety powder that somehow feels creamy upon application. Two years in the making, this bronzer newcomer blends effortlessly into skin for a natural-looking, non-shimmery finish. Best of all, it’s sold in seven shades, including both warm and cool options.

As for me, I tried the Dusty Rose and Light Tan options (the two lightest shades of the range) and have truly never found a more perfect match than the Dusty Rose. While I like both colors and found them easy to blend in for a sun-kissed finish, the Dusty Rose shade is indiscernible from my natural skin tone. When applied on my cheekbones and along the “magic-3” contour (where you swoop from your forehead to the hollow of your cheeks to your jawline, following the shape of the number three), my skin looks flawlessly tanned; it doesn’t look harshly contoured or caked in makeup. To say that I’m impressed is an understatement.

But hey, don’t just trust me. Plenty of shoppers are singing this bronzer’s praises, too.

“I have a very fair complexion, so finding a bronzer to add a little color without looking orange is difficult,” one shopper admits. “This [Dusty Rose] is perfect. It adds a little bit of color that looks natural and is also great for blush and eyeshadow.”

“These are by far my favorite bronzers,” another shopper marvels. “I am light to fair and I tend to skip the application of bronzers due to the artificial look on my skin. These are different—they blend well and give my face a beautiful finish. I look forward to applying these with or without foundation, they are a must in my makeup routine.”

“I’ve tried so many bronzers most of which are way too dark or orange and have a shimmer to them,” another shopper shares. “This is the perfect shade and goes on perfectly. And for me the best part about it…. It Stays on! Definitely recommend.”

Suffice to say, if you thought your skin was too fair for bronzer, Jone Road is here to change the narrative.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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