6 Editors Tested Jones Road’s New Tinted Face Powder, Which We’ve Dubbed ‘A Makeup Magic Trick’ Thanks to Its Skin-Like Finish

Photo: W+G Creative / Jones Road
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The Bobbi Brown-founded brand, Jones Road, has officially outdone itself again. The line, which is known for products that are easy to use to create that au naturale look, recently launched (on May 16) a reinvented take on loose powder: Jones Road Tinted Face Powder. And let me tell you: This product is worth the hype.

What is the Jones Road Tinted Face Powder

Powders are notoriously drying and mattifying. For some—particularly those with oily skin—this means that they're a routine must-have. But for anyone whose complexion skews dry or sensitive, these types of products have historically been a no-go. Thanks to the thoughtful formulating behind Jones Road's Tinted Facial Powder, though, that's no longer the case.

Having undergone a fine milling process, the powder is ultra-lightweight and doesn't become cakey or settle into the skin over time. What sets it apart is that it's meant to have people questioning whether or not you put on makeup, and delivers a natural-looking finish that does just that. Not only will everyone else be wondering whether or not you're barefaced, but the powder is so skin-like that you'll wonder whether you've got any on at all (in the best possible way, that is).

It can be used to set foundation, minimize shine, and color-correct uneven skin tones, and works seamlessly on all skin types.

How to use the powder

One of the most annoying things about loose powders is that they're hard to use without making a mess (if you've ever spent 20 minutes trying to dust spilled powder off of your vanity, you know the life). Jones Road's powder comes in a sifter package that's easy to seal off so that you're only shaking out as much powder as you need, and not leaving the rest of it sitting on your desk or all over your outfit.

According to the brand, the best way to apply the powder is with a powder brush. Based on our experience with the product, smaller brushes work better—which may feel counter-intuitive to those who are used to reaching for a big, fluffy behemoth for this step in their routine, but just trust us on this one. Simply dip the brush into the powder, tap it on the container or another hard surface to get rid of any excess product, and apply it all over (or wherever you need extra coverage). It's that easy!

Six W+G editors put the Jones Road Tinted Face Powder to the test. Scroll down to see our honest thoughts.

Catie Jaffe, senior commerce manager

Shade tested: Untinted

jones road tinted face powder
Photo: Catie Jaffe

"I opted for the untinted Jones Road powder because my skin changes so much from season to season. Not only does it tend to be a bit more oily in the summer months, but I also have freckled skin that reacts to the sun differently from day to day. On top of this day-to-day fluctuation, the base color of my skin also tends to change throughout the summer (safely beneath my sunscreen, of course), so I wanted something I could count on as a go-to no matter the day or season. I also rarely wear makeup, so having something that reduced shininess, evened out my skin tone, and still looked natural was key. You can see in the photos that I was a bit shiny on my nose and tired under my eyes.

This powder kind of did what the fancy Zoom touch-up feature does to you on screen, but in real life, with a super quick swipe of a brush. I have tried many similar products over the years, and I have to say that for an untinted powder, the staying power and effectiveness of the color correction this one offers are impressive. I feel confident putting it on any time of year, knowing that it will stay on and won't look wonky—whether I plan to be in the sun all day (read: lots of redness and freckles expected) or will be sitting in an office."

Francesca Krempa, associate commerce editor

Shade tested: Yellow

jones road tinted face powder
Photo: Francesca Krempa

"As a fellow Jersey Girl, I love Bobbi Brown and have been a Miracle Balm diehard since it first came out. Glad I got to get my hands on these color-correcting powders ahead of the launch, too.

Have to be honest—I didn't have high hopes for this powder when I put it on in my bathroom. It was so subtle it didn't look like it did anything at all, and I was like, "Well, how the heck are our readers gonna see the before and after effects?"

And THEN i walked into the natural light and saw how it changed my skin—it was so much less red and blotchy. The effects are so subtle, just like the Miracle Balm's, but if you look at the photos closely you can see how much more red my cheeks and forehead are in the "before" photo. It's really slight, but my complexion actually looks more tan in the second photo because the yellow tint in the powder really balances out the redness. Minimalists, Brown did it again. This tinted powder is a sleight-of-hand trick in makeup form."

Kayla Hui, commerce writer

Shade tested: Yellow

jones road tinted face powder
Photo: Kayla Hui

"A good setting powder can really work wonders for your makeup look, and I've been in awe of this one from Jones Road. As someone who constantly battles eczema and dry skin, I'm super wary of applying powder to my face, but this one didn't feel drying at all. The formula is so lightweight that you can't even tell that I'm wearing powder. What I loved about the yellow shade is that it evened out my complexion and tackled my shiny zones (as seen in the before pictures), sans cakeiness.

Packaged in a round container, the powder is fluffy and easy to apply. Having used a large powder brush, I will say that it can be messy to apply, so I'd recommend a small or medium powder brush. This powder really does illuminate and bring out the best in my skin, hiding all of my redness. Anytime I'm heading out, I'm definitely reaching for this one."

Betty Gold, senior food editor

Shade tested: Light

jones road tinted face powder
Photo: Betty Gold

"Overall, I really loved this product. As someone who can't stand the feeling of heavy or sticky makeup, I greatly appreciated how sheer and delicate the powder goes on. It didn't cake, crust, or melt when I wore it to an out-of-town summer barbecue (that involved intense heat, car travel, and toddlers). My color shade was a bit too light for me, but nothing a bit of bronzer couldn't fix. My only con—aside from the whole wrong color thing—was that I couldn't figure out what brush to apply with. A bigger brush felt more natural from such a nice light powder, but I couldn't really 'fit' a bigger makeup brush into the product. Welcoming tips! And regardless: Would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone that likes a lightweight powder—perfect for summer."

Taylor Bell, social producer

Shade tested: Medium

jones road tinted face powder
Photo: Taylor Bell

"Setting powder is so crucial to my makeup routine. Not only do I use it to set my final makeup look, but I also use it in between the different layers of my foundation. That said, I love setting powder that matches my skin tone. So, I tried the medium color and it was a solid match! The formula is really fine but grabs onto your brush well, so you can apply a very good first coat. But, what I really appreciate about this product is the container. Setting powder can easily get everywhere if you’re not careful, but this one is really mess-free! The top has a sifter lid that shifts closed to keep the powder from spilling out when you shake it, making it really self-contained. Plus, the formula doesn’t darken my makeup like other tinted powders have done in the past when you try to put more on. It really just smooths the appearance of your skin and removes any natural moisture from my foundation. The result? An even-toned complexion and a gorgeous beat."

Kara Brown, beauty writer

Shade tested: Dark

jones road tinted face powder
Photo: Kara Brown

"The Jones Road powder is unlike any powder I've ever tried. You have to try very, very, very hard to make it look cakey. It has the most amazing flawless finish that disappears into your skin—you won't see powder hanging out on your face, you'll just see the blurring, semi-mattifying effects. It provides the prettiest, skin-like finish. I have a few mineral sunscreens that I love but they leave a teensy white tint (as all mineral sunscreens tend to when you apply enough), and I've used this on top to camouflage that. It's much lighter weight than a powdered foundation, so it doesn't cover dark spots or other hyperpigmentation, but it does add a really pretty blur and sun-kissed warmth to my skin. I apply it all over and it's the perfect finishing step for a no-makeup-makeup day."

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