Joy of the Month: 12 Things Our Editors Bought in March That Made Us *So* Happy

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At Well+Good, we're all about healthy retail therapy because, let's face it, a little pick-me-up is good for the soul. We're not suggesting you try to shop away your problems, but a dash of self-care spending here and there? Absolutely, be it a small delight or a big mood booster.

My personal shopping cart was overflowing with joy-boosting goodies this month, some practical and some purely fun. Each one managed to sprinkle a little extra sunshine into my day, which, given March's chill and don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it length (seriously, how does one month seem to move *so* fast?!) was much needed. Seems my colleagues were in the same boat, who indulged in their own shopping-therapy sessions this month, the end goal being "joy." Scroll to see all the stuff that made us Well+Good staffers do a happy dance this month. Who knows—you might end up doing a happy dance, too.

Francesca Krempa, Commerce Editor

Pit Viper, The Dragonfruit Jellies Admirer — $70.00

A friend gifted these to me for spring ski season and they instantly made me smile. They’re stupidly cute, which is more than enough to bring me joy these days. Cue the heart-eye emoji.

National Parks, U.S. Park Pass — $80.00

I live in Utah and spent the last weekend in February camping and exploring Capitol Reef National Park, which, if you haven’t been, should definitely be on your bucket list. Knowing I’d be exploring more of the parks this spring, I picked up an annual Parks Pass, saving me big bucks on entry fees down the line. If you plan on enjoying being outside when the weather warms up, I highly recommend snagging your own annual pass. It pays for itself in about two trips and covers you plus three other people, so it’s great for families. For $80 a year, you get access to 2,000+ federal recreation sites across the country, which is worth its weight in gold, IMO.

Maison Miru, Birthstone Nap Earring — $150.00

I’m not normally an earring gal because 1) I have suuuper sensitive ears and 2) I do too many things where they can get ripped out (ouch). Thanks to these bad boys though, I can be an earring gal; they’re made from medical-grade titanium that doesn’t irritate my ears at all. Seriously—I’ve had these in for a month now, and they haven’t made me itch or ooze once. But the real winner is their backs, which swap the traditional, pokey earring back for a flat, push-pin style that lays flat against your lobes. This way, you can sleep in them comfortably and worry less about snagging. And that makes me a very happy newfound earring gal.

Hydro Flask, Stainless Steel Tea Infuser — $17.00

I recently went on a trip with Hydro Flask expecting water bottles and came back with so many things that weren’t water bottles (a lunchbox! French press! even a cooler!), all of which brought me joy. That includes this handy dandy tea infuser, which sits perfectly atop Hydro Flask tumblers to steep your favorite tea. When you’re done, take out the basket and plop it on the lid—it also functions as a coaster. Arguably the best part, though, is that it’s dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze. For $17?! No brainer. I love it.

Amelia McBride, Associate Lifestyle Editor

Inn Beauty Project, Glaze Lip Oil #10 — $19.00

“The Fruit Punch Glaze Lip Oil from iNN Beauty is my new go-to mood booster. It’s hydrating, gives my lips just a touch of color, and it tastes just like Hawaiian Punch. MMM!”

Hue, Women's Mini Crew Socks (Pack of 6) — $18.00

“I’ve been on the hunt for the *perfect* pair of white gym socks, and I finally found them. This 6-pack from crew is elite: They’re super stretchy in the leg but retain their shape when you take them off, they’re soft, and they fit right above my high-top lifting sneakers.”

Kaitlin Ahern, Editorial Director, Health

Cerave, Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 — $13.00

“I’m loving Cerave’s hydrating mineral sunscreen. It may be nothing fancy, but it brings me joy by simplifying my morning face routine (I use it as moisturizer + sunscreen + liquid foundation most days), which frees up more of my time to convince two toddlers to eat breakfast *and* get dressed *and* get out the door at a reasonable time. It also makes me happy because it’s a mineral sunscreen (so, no chemicals). Most minerals tend to leave a white cast, but this one is tinted, lending the perfect amount of coverage for daycare drop-off and a day full of Zoom meetings.”

Maki Yazawa, Food Writer

Yeti, M30 Hopper Soft Cooler — $350.00

“Growing up in South Florida, camping wasn’t something I ever wanted to do (cue: mosquitos, humidity, and sweat in places I didn’t know existed). Now, that I live in Southern California, I get the draw. That’s why this stylish cooler has been the most exciting addition to my camping gear this month. Not only is it beautiful and super practical, it beats the flimsy styrofoam cooler I usually bring along on trips. Plus, the temperature danger zone for food doesn’t stand a chance here thanks to Yeti’s insulating technology, folks.”

Tower 28, Lip Softies - Ube Vanilla — $16.00

“The amount of money I’ve spent on building my lip balm collection in the name of research makes my savings account instantly shudder. That’s to say, I’ve spent big bucks trying just about every balm, oil, gloss, mask, you name it, on the market. But none have offered the unparalleled level of hydration *and* cute lip-enhancing color that this Tower 28 LipSoftie in the shade Ube Vanilla has given me. If a ‘bitten lip’ look is your vibe, this not-too-sticky, but oh-so-hydrating tinted lip treatment is as good as it gets. (TBH, as a food writer, this product had me at ‘ube vanilla’).”

Danielle Calma, Commerce Writer

Nerra, The Body Cleansing Ritual — $175.00

“I’m an ‘everything shower’ type of girl, but like any old habit, it can turn into a drag. What’s helped is the Nērra Body Cleansing Ritual. I received it as a sample and can confirm that it has brought some levity to the routine. It has all I need to carry me through the motions of my biweekly event: a pre-exfoliating foam and gritty exfoliating glove to help me slough stubborn layers of winter dryness; a sudsy body wash that smells sweetly of jasmine; and argan oil for moisture (necessary) and a sheeny glow (a welcome bonus).”

Gabriela Garcia, Senior Commerce Editor

Cuyana, Leather Backpack - 16 in. — $498.00

“I’m a big fan of oversized bags, and when I discovered this oversized backpack from Cuyana, I knew I had to add it to my growing bag collection. I purchased the Leather Backpack (16-inch) in black and I use it almost every day. It’s big enough to hold my work laptop, plus multiple notebooks, my phone, wallet, and any other miscellaneous items I need for my two pre-teen children. I appreciate that it has a shorter strap that allows me to carry it like a traditional purse, or I can utilize the two longer straps and wear it as a backpack. In the short time that I’ve owned this bag, it’s gotten its fair share of wear and tear—but it looks beautiful and is holding up amazingly well. I’m eyeing the mini version of this bag for daily errands and occasions when I don’t need to haul around so much stuff.”

Faye McCray, Head of Content

Fresh, Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash — $38.00

“This gentle exfoliator leaves my skin feeling SO soft. It also smells really, really good.”

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