Take Your Workout to the Next Level Like Julianne Hough With a (Dance) Cardio Break

Photo: Getty Images/Noel Vasquez

Julianne Hough and her husband, Brooks Laich, are basically the ultimate workout power couple: He's a pro hockey player, she's a dance star. Besides being renowned athletes who are experts at keeping themselves in shape, the two also have a yin-and-yang sweat-sesh dynamic that'll reduce you to the "heart eyes" emoji. Just look to this latest glimpse into their "all business" meets "girls just wanna have fun" exercise routine for proof.

According to an Instagram post from Hough, Laich asked her if she wanted workout with him. After she agreed with an enthusiastic, "Yeah, let's do it!" (dance) high jinks ensued.

The Instagram video shows the Dancing with the Stars judge getting down behind her husband's back as he squats what appears to be 135 pounds, including the bar. Hough's impromptu dance-cardio routine includes freestyle moves you'd see on the dance floor at the club (if you go to clubs with, like, super-talented dancers) like hip rolls and booty shakes. But it's hard to miss how awesome her technique is—and also, those abs!

Hough isn't the only celeb who likes to get her heart racing through choreography: Jennifer Garner and Jenna Dewan swear by dance cardio as well. So whether she—and her star-powered compatriots—inspires you to sign up for a dance cardio class or institute a mandatory dance break halfway through your run, spin, or weight-training session, it can't hurt channel Hough's free-spirited "#canthelpmyself #getdown #cardiobreak" attitude to add a little pizzazz during your gym time.

If you're looking for Hough-worthy dance moves to add to your repertoire, check out this one that turns every workout into a party or queue up Tracy Anderson's J.Lo–inspired cardio routine.

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