You Can Now Get the Cleanser All of Our Editors Swear by in a Size Big Enough to Last All Year

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With multiple different skin types and concerns, it's rare that the Well+Good beauty team ever agrees on a single holy grail product (case in point: between the three of us, we've got 42 "favorite" sunscreens). But there's one product out there that has stood the test of time and been a fixture in all of our routines for years: Fresh Soy Cleanser. And now, you can get it in a tall-boy size that's big enough to last an entire year.

The cleanser is beloved across the board thanks to its gentle texture and skin-smart formula, the combination of which make it an A-plus choice for every sort of complexion—we know this, because we've tested it on every type of skin from dry to oily to acne to sensitive. It's made with amino-acid rich soy proteins that help maintain skin elasticity and suppleness, soothing cucumber extract, and calming rose water.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Jumbo, $69

jumbo fresh soy cleanser
Photo: Fresh

Touted as a "three-in-one," it removes makeup (including even the toughest to take off mascara), washes away impurities, and tones skin in one fell swoop, helping to streamline the recommended double-cleansing-and-toning routine down to a single step. But unlike many other do-it-all face washes on the market, it doesn't strip skin or leave it feeling tight thanks to its pH balanced properties. It'll give you a clean—but not squeaky clean—complexion, which derms say is exactly what you should be looking for in a cleanser. And, bonus, its light cucumber scent will make you feel like you're treating yourself to a pro-grade spa facial every time you wash your face.

Because we can't get enough of this stuff, the fact that it now comes in a jumbo size is just about the best beauty news we've heard all year. The bottle is 400 mL, which is double the size of its predecessor (which is currently sitting on my bathroom sink), and comes with a pump that makes it easier than ever to use. And the best part? It's only $69, which gives you a whole lot more bang for your buck than the smaller sizes—according to Fresh's website, you'll save $32 by buying the XL option.

The only unfortunate news is that the jumbo size is limited edition, so you'll want to act fast to find out for yourself why we're all so in love with this stuff. Trust me: this is one quarantine purchase you will not regret.

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