June 2023 Wellness Horoscope: How the Cosmos Will Affect Your Well-Being This Month, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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The month of June is thought to be named after the Roman deity Juno, the goddess of marriage—and fittingly, our relationships with others will be a common theme on the cosmic docket this month. Straddling social Gemini season and nurturing Cancer season, June brings a host of transits that invite us to revisit what it means to connect in heart-centered ways with others. And every sign’s June 2023 wellness horoscope will reflect the influence of these connection-focused cosmic happenings.

Most imminent on that list is the entrance of love planet Venus into fire-sign Leo, on June 5. Usually, the planet stays in a sign for just a few weeks. Yet, given its upcoming retrograde (beginning July 22), Venus will linger in Leo through early October, giving us ample opportunity to explore what it means to feel creative and treasured in love.

On a more collective level, we’ll also feel the influence of change agent Pluto this month, owing to its volleying between Capricorn and Aquarius this year. On June 11, the planet shifts back into Capricorn, where it will remain through mid-January 2024. In turn, we could face Pluto’s destructive energy in Capricorn-ruled areas of life—like government, business, and economic institutions—alerting us to the need for change or evolution.

We can expect to further understand what it means to be compassionate and infused with love.

Later in the month, a couple cosmic shifts turn our attention, once again, to our relationships. Both Saturn and Neptune begin their retrograde cycles (on June 17 and June 30, respectively), slowing to apparent reverse-motion in the soulful sign of Pisces. As a result, we can expect to receive numerous opportunities to understand what it means to be compassionate and infused with love while maintaining healthy boundaries.

Exactly how these and other of June’s cosmic occurrences will affect you, however, depends on your birth chart. Read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs to uncover your personal June 2023 wellness horoscope, and pick up star-sanctioned suggestions to help you feel your very best this month.

June 2023 wellness horoscope for every star sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

It’s about time to embrace some self-reflection, Aries. Saturn and Neptune stationing retrograde in Pisces will activate your 12th house of the inner psyche and soul, making it a good month to find spaces of quietude and spend time seeking the wisdom that lies within you. There, you may find reservoirs of compassion that you can shower upon yourself and others who may need it at the moment.

Wellness tip: Practice a lovingkindness meditation, in which you invoke and then direct these positive thoughts first toward others and then toward yourself.


Your family relationships could be up for cosmic review this month, Taurus. As your planetary ruler Venus parades into Leo on June 5, it shifts into your fourth house of familial roots, where it will take up its extended four-month residence. During this time, you could find yourself unearthing hidden dynamics in your home or family relationships and exploring how you might derive more value from them.

Wellness tip: Cook a dish—or two—from the cuisine of your ancestors, and invite your family (whether of origin or choice) to share the meal with you.


This month offers you a renaissance of sorts, Gemini—especially on June 11 when your ruling planet, communication-focused Mercury, joins the sun in your sign. You’ll have access to a greater abundance of energy, as well as clarity of mind. That same day, as provocative Pluto moves into your eighth house of intimacy (where it will be for the next seven months), you may feel inspired to deeply share yourself with another.

Wellness tip: To help release tendrils of guilt or unworthiness that may keep you from being emotionally transparent, consider mixing a couple drops of Pink Monkeyflower essence in your water bottle each day this month.


June is typically a powerful month for you, Cancer. It’s when the summer solstice occurs (on June 21), which is the day that the sun moves into your sign, beginning your season. On this day that is marked by festivities, rituals, and traditions, make sure to celebrate yourself, too.

Another astro event of note for you is the new moon on June 18. It’s a moment in which you can access a fresh burst of inspiration, especially if you tune into your intuition and imagination.

Wellness tip: As the veil between your conscious and subconscious minds may feel more thin, you may be better able to remember your dreams. Try keeping a pen and paper by your bedside and recording them when you wake up; your dreams can yield valuable insight into the workings of your psyche.


You live to be loved, Leo. And in the month of June, you’ll learn to love yourself all the same, as love planet Venus begins its extended reign in your sign on June 5. During this time, you’ll expand your understanding of what you value and the value that you hold. Let yourself explore what it means to take pride in yourself and embrace every side of the unique star that is you.

Wellness tip: You’ll feel more yourself this month if you rev up your confidence. Some exercises to do just that include smiling more often, celebrating small (and big) wins, and reflecting on recently received compliments.


Although partnerships with others underscore every sign’s June 2023 wellness horoscope in one way or another, that’s especially true for you, Virgo. When Saturn and Neptune station retrograde in Pisces, the action falls in your seventh house of relationships. Take stock of what’s working in your partnerships—and what’s not. And corral some compassion (for yourself and others) as you look to make changes.

Wellness tip: Discover new ways to set healthy boundaries in relationships. This will not only grant you a greater sense of agency but will also fortify your alliances.


“Strength in numbers” isn’t just an idiom to you this month but a lived experience, Libra. When your planetary ruler Venus sashays into Leo, it begins a four-month process of energizing your 11th house of community. Whether you find yourself more drawn to large group hangouts than intimate gatherings, or you experience a pronounced motivation to join a collective that does social good, it’s likely that coteries or covens could become your new thing.

Wellness tip: Get involved in a group activity that supports a cause near and dear to your heart.


Are your work connections as strong as they could be, Scorpio? On June 5, when your planetary ruler Pluto opposes relationship-centric Venus, it does so in your 10th house of career, pushing you to deepen your professional alliances while also calling into question the trustworthiness of a colleague.

Speaking of Pluto, the planet doesn’t shift signs often—but when it does, it’s a big deal for you. On June 11, when it plunges back into Capricorn, it returns to your third house of communication. And with that, don’t be surprised if you find yourself called to have some provocative conversations that you’ve recently shelved.

Wellness tip: If you’re looking for an elixir to help you put your thoughts more clearly into words, consider mixing a few drops of Cosmos flower essence into your water bottle each day this month.


You’re bound to start the month on a high note, Sagittarius, given that the full moon on June 3 is in your sign. Following your heart when it comes to an important relationship will help it to shine more brightly.

On June 19, your planetary ruler Jupiter makes a sweet sextile with structured Saturn, boosting your ability to be disciplined when it comes to working toward a goal. Given that Jupiter is in your sixth house of health and wellness during this alignment, you may find that it enhances your dedication to your fitness, specifically, increasing your motivation to care for your body.

Wellness tip: Carve out a small fitness break during each workday this month. Whether you do a few yin yoga poses, take a short walk, or practice some simple isometric exercises, small investments can lead to large wellness gains.


You can plan for some personal transformation this month, Capricorn. On June 11, Pluto retrogrades back into your sign—aka your astrological first house and the sector of your chart that represents your body and self-image. In turn, you might reconsider some of your recent health objectives.

Choose one—whether it’s enhancing your mindfulness, learning to eat intuitively, or boosting your physical fitness—and craft a realistic goal that you can reach in a couple months. After you do, engage a friend to help you flesh out action steps and ensure you stay accountable.

Wellness tip: To strengthen your health commitment, envision in detail all the ways your life may feel different as you approach and reach your wellness goal.


Ever since Pluto entered your sign (for the first time in hundreds of years) in March, things have likely felt chaotic for you, Aquarius. While, in the coming years, the planet will take up long-term residence there, helping you to further define and achieve your big-picture goals, on June 11, it swings back into Capricorn for a bit, offering you a brief reprieve from the transformative energy.

Nevertheless, the energy in the first part of the month could leave you eager to identify what in your life no longer serves you—and to find a way to let it go.

Wellness tip: Do a mud mask or otherwise exfoliate your skin during the first week and a half of this month. After all, Pluto’s vibe is all about extinguishing that which is outworn or outdated.


It’s time to level up, Pisces. This month, not just one but two planets station retrograde in your sign, encouraging you to do some inner work. Mid-month, as Saturn slows its roll, it’s important to move slowly and diligently. As you do, consider whether the way you are projecting yourself in the world is truly aligned with the person you know yourself to be. As the month ends, and your planetary ruler Neptune shifts retrograde, too, allow yourself the time to daydream, practice art, or otherwise express yourself.

Wellness tip: As these two planets appear to be retracing their steps this month, so should you: Look to the recent past to discover a couple self-care strategies that you used to love, and consider reimplementing them.

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