4 Foolproof CEO-Approved Hacks to Help You Drink More Water

Take notes from someone as busy as you are.
Even if it’s not literally written on your to-do list, you have every intention to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. But then...life happens. (AKA, the jam-packed time in between that first glass you drink when you wake up and the bottle you chug after your evening boxing class.)

And a busy schedule is just one reason you might not be hitting up the water cooler enough. For Kara Goldin, founder of hint® water, it was actually the taste (or lack thereof).  “I knew I should be drinking more water, but I’d always opt for a more flavorful—and often sugary—beverage instead," she recalls.

Finally, Goldin decided she needed to do something about her multiple-daily diet soda habit. The trick? “I started to add fruit to my water, and it changed everything,” she says. 

The flavor intervention gave Goldin the idea to launch hint, the bottled water game-changer that features a hint (duh) of natural fruit flavors with no sugar added. “I just thought I can’t be running around all day carrying fruit, and then slicing it and then putting it in my water,” she says.

Since the businesswoman has become the ultimate water connoisseur (she now drinks up to 14 bottles a day), she’s an expert on the easy things you can do to incorporate more into your life. “It’s amazing that doing something as simple as drinking more water can have so many positive effects for you,” she notes.

Keep reading for the four foolproof tips Goldin uses to drink more H2O.

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1. Focus on flavors

Even if the lack of pizazz of regular water doesn't turn you off, upping the ante can encourage you to start sipping when you make water exciting (just think of it as a snack break, in thirst-quenching form).

To help you out with that, hint comes in 26 naturally infused fruit varieties, including Goldin's faves cherry, blackberry, and pineapple. Blood orange in the morning, peppermint as a post-lunch pick-me-up, and crisp apple later in the afternoon? It's like a full tastebud-happy menu.

Plus, Goldin points out, you can also snag hint in carbonated and caffeine-infused bottles if you need even more of a boost. “The hint kick is good in the morning or if you need a little caffeine-assisted pick-me-up before your last meeting of the day,” Goldin recommends. “And the hint fizz flavors are fun in the afternoon or even as a mixer during cocktail hour.”

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2. Store your water in easy-to-access spots

“I keep a lot of my water bottles in my garage, so I can just grab one as I’m about to get into my car,” Goldin says. When you make it a part of your leaving-the-house routine (reach for your water bottle just before you grab your keys), you’ll ensure that you’re sticking to the plan.

And stocking in your backpack or tote bag is another must-have to ensure you've got agua handy. “When it’s in front of you, it’s top-of-mind, and you’ll drink it more often,” Goldin says.

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3. Actually focus on why water is good for you

When Goldin says that her habit adjustment changed everything, she's not kidding. “I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after I started drinking more water,” Goldin says. “Once I started to drink around 10 bottles a day, I started to lose weight, my complexion improved, and my energy levels increased.” When potential perks are on the line, it makes it that much easier to reach your chug-multiple-bottles goal.

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4. Keep the water constantly flowing in your life

Another strategy? Make sure your supply never runs low. Thanks to hint’s subscription service, you can keep your fave flavors in constant stock with 12-bottle cases delivered every 14, 30, or 60 days.

Goldin created the service because she couldn’t get to the grocery store enough to keep up with her own personal demand. "Once you're in your routine, you never want to run out," she says. We'll sip to that.

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