The Intense Recovery Routine That Got Karlie Kloss Ready for the NYC Marathon

When you commit to a huge goal like running a marathon, it's no secret that you'll be spending a ton of time pounding the pavement. But, most running pros agree there's actually another (equally) important key to marathon training success: recovery. Even supermodel and first-time marathon runner Karlie Kloss (who finished this weekend's New York City race) can attest to the benefits of a solid post-workout routine.

Karlie Kloss Marathon
Photo: Instagram/@karliekloss

With Kloss' demanding work schedule and jet-set lifestyle, you'd think that she would've had to put recovery on the back burner, but the star has been just as serious about her foam roller as she was about logging those miles. So, how exactly did Kloss recover after her tough training sessions leading up to the NYC Marathon?

To start, the supermodel takes hydration very seriously. “Lots of water! Before and after every workout, I make sure to drink a ton of water and refuel my body with a protein shake and plenty of nutrients," she says.

"I also make sure to take the time to stretch, use a foam roller on my legs to work out any muscle cramps or tension, and ice immediately after running to help my body recover," Kloss says. "These steps go a long way in preventing injuries and reducing how sore my muscles feel the next day." 

"If you told me just five years ago that I would be running a marathon, I wouldn’t have believed you."

But don't think that Kloss' recovery regimen stops at stretching and smoothies. As you may expect from a super-glam celeb, Kloss turns to more luxe practices as well. "I’ve also discovered the wonders of lymphatic massages, float sessions, and infrared sauna sessions for added recovery,” she says.

Besides the obvious physical challenge, according to Kloss, she learned a lot more about herself besides how many miles she can log in a day. "Training for the marathon has taught me that our minds and bodies are capable of most challenges we put in front of ourselves. If you told me just five years ago that I would be running a marathon, I wouldn’t have believed you. But throughout this journey, I’ve learned more and more about myself and what I can accomplish, both physically and mentally." 

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