Kassia Meador Is Hosting Sound Baths in Venice, and You’re Invited

Photo: Love Yoga
Pro surfer Kassia Meador wants you to catch a wave with her—a sound wave, that is.

The Malibu-based longboarder/designer has started hosting monthly sonic baths at Love Yoga, along with her musician pals Aska Matsumiya and Farmer Dave Scher. (The next one’s on March 20.) While hers certainly isn’t the only such happening in Los Angeles—sound baths have been resonating everywhere from Santa Monica to Eagle Rock—it’s become a standing appointment among in-the-know Venice dwellers, who consider it just as much a social experience as an opportunity to chill.

“The sound bath has become a really fun gathering, and an amazing way to engage with a wellness practice that isn’t just asana,” says Love Yoga co-founder Kyle Miller. “We make tea with Moon Juice dusts and everyone hangs out as they set up the bowls. Then we lay out blankets, lay down, and the bath begins... They've become really special and our students are loving them.”

Meador’s sound bath obsession started way before the practice became New York Times Style section fodder—she first discovered them in 2009 on a visit to the Integratron in Joshua Tree (SoCal’s original sonic bathhouse). “I was instantly taken by the crystal bowls, the movement of the sonic frequencies, and the effect they had on my body and energy field,” she tells Well + Good. “It was the same way surfing first took me—I was hooked!”

Anyone who’s been to her hour-long baths at Love can attest that they're like meditation, amplified—Miller included. “I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was completely blown away,” she says. “Listening to the crystal bowls truly relaxes my mind and body.  It feels like my cells are recalibrated.  After the hour, I feel calm and clear.” Like a really good surf session, with an exceptionally rad soundtrack.

Cosmic Crystal Sound Bath, March 20, 7:30-8:30pm. At Love Yoga, 835 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, CA, 90291, www.loveyogaspace.com

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