This $40 Gadget Has Over 19,000 5-Star Reviews and Will Help With Your Annoying Gnat Problem

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No matter how well-sealed your home is, tiny flying pests always find their way in. From failed water-and-soap fruit fly traps to worthless efforts to chase down a moth with a swatter, getting rid of flying pests in your home can be a major challenge. This $40 trap takes all the work out of it, catching any small bugs that fly near it.

The Katchy Indoor Fly Trap ($40) works by suction, meaning you don't have to listen to that awful noise that zappers make when killing bugs. First, UV light attracts the bugs. Then, a fan sucks the bugs in. Once inside, the bugs get stuck to a replaceable sticky glue board. Because the light serves as bait, this trap will work best when it's dark out and the lights are off, but it can run all day long to keep bugs at bay. It kills fruit flies, moths, gnats, and mosquitoes, not house flies. Within three days of having your Katchy, the manufacturer says you should notice a difference.

It's great to place near those bananas you're browning for banana bread, plants with fungus gnats, closets and pantries with moths, or stinky garbages. But note that it's not intended to replace professional pest control—if you've got a serious problem, it's best to consult the pros.

The Katchy Indoor Fly Trap comes in black and white, meaning you can buy one that won't stick out like a sore thumb among your decor. Plus, it's not super big—just 5.5 by 5.5 inches, similar in size to a Bluetooth speaker. It also comes with four sticky traps which can each last up to four weeks before losing stickiness. When you're out of traps, you can buy a pack of four refills ($9).

If a track record of failed bug control items has left you with trust issues, the reviews on this device should be enough to convince you. One reviewer dubbed it the "Best medieval torture device for mosquitoes ever!" while another said they "no longer wake up [with] welts on forehead from disrespectful mosquitoes." And the pictures speak for themselves. If you're ready to get your bugs under control, it's time to invest in the Katchy Indoor Fly Trap.

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