How Kate Bosworth Keeps a Healthy Mindset When It Comes to Beauty

Photo: Instagram/@katebosworth
Beauty routines can be a lot—one look at most women's top shelf will prove it to you. And even though actress Kate Bosworth triple moisturizes her skin and applies anti-inflammatory turmeric to her face (via ice cubes), she happens to believe that the best philosophy of all is authenticity.

"As I've gotten older, I'm more attracted to an authentic understanding of the dynamics of beauty—and that's truly just from age and experience," she tells Who What Wear in their Fall Issue. "If you look at a line on someone's face, to me, it's like oh, they've earned that. That's interesting.”

"We're getting to a saturated point of a beauty that's not realistic."

Tell that to the actresses who feel the anti-aging pressure of the industry and engage in all sorts of preventative measures to keep their face unchanged. "We're getting to a saturated point of a beauty that's not realistic," adds Bosworth. (Truth.) "I think it's a very important moment to acknowledge what's beneath an artifice because, clearly, we're in a moment where the bubble is going to burst."

Until that body-positive, anti-anti-aging world exists—in complete form—it's always helpful to have a mindset like hers. But when she gets overwhelmed, Bosworth has a mindful practice to regain a sense of calm.

"When life feels especially demanding, like when I'm on set or the lead in a movie, I'm almost militant in how I approach routine," she admits. "That's actually how I got into [meditation app] Headspace. I would go to the set in the morning—sometimes it's as early as 3 or 4 a.m.—and I would have my breakfast, put my headphones in, and meditate while getting my hair and makeup done." Talk about a super (wo)man dedication to keeping it chill.

This is exactly how long you should be meditating in order for it to work. And if you have trouble fitting it in, here's how 7 busy women find the time for it.

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