Kayla Itsines Has Some Brilliant Tips for Managing Sugar Cravings

Kayla Itsines is Insta-famous for throwing down top-notch fitness advice on everything from proper lunge form to getting ready post-gym in 15 minutes flat. But you might not know that the Sweat founder and personal trainer also has a major sweet tooth. (So relatable.) And she's got plenty of intel on how to manage that aspect of wellness, too.

At a recent boot camp for Westfield World Trade Center’s Beauty&Balance month, she shared her two top tips for keeping her nutrition game on point without sacrificing her favorite foods. "I’ve always said, if you’re a chocolate person, add some to your breakfast in the morning—like your smoothie bowl," she advises. "Don’t take it out completely. [Eat] a little bit so you’re not eating a block at the end of the night." (Another nugget of brilliance: Add protein to the mix to prevent your blood sugar from spiking and crashing.)

The (metaphorical) icing on top of your cacao-covered coffee cake? Itsines believes that another vilified food group—yes, carbs—should also make an appearance at mealtime. "If you just have a salad for dinner, then you’re like, I need chocolate," says the fitness pro. "If you include carbs, then you're [less likely to] crave sweet food after."

Take it from the reigning queen of burpees—everything in moderation. Even breakfast brownies.

Two more treats to add to your healthy dessert rotation: a supercharged vegan carrot cake and these rawsome protein truffles.

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