Kayla Itsines Opens up About Her History With Female Pattern Baldness

Photo: Instagram/@kayla_itsines
If you're among her 7.1 million Instagram followers, the first thing you probably notice about a signature Kayla Itsines mirror selfie is the superstar trainer's abs. (Just being honest.) The second thing you're likely to notice is her always on-trend outfit (usually a sports bra paired with matching short-shorts or chic leggings). Then there's the hair.

Usually in a long, sleek ponytail, giant messy bun, or braid, the oh-so-influential Australian trainer's hair has become as ubiquitous as her bright white sneakers.

"Of course I'm super conscious about it and I've tried everything to fix it, trust me."

But it turns out, nabbing a #BBG-worthy pony has nothing to do with a special shampoo or hair mask.

"My natural hair is actually super short," says the selfie-snapping creator of the Bikini Body Guides workout, cookbook, and Sweat With Kayla app. "I have genetically really thin hair." She says that both her grandma and mom have the same issue, and that female pattern baldness runs in her family. So when she wants to rock long locks, she wears a clip-in ponytail.

"Of course I'm super conscious about it and I've tried everything to fix it, trust me," she writes. "But, at the same time, I am at peace with it and I will not let it rule my life. So instead I focus on being healthy and happy." Basically, less time focusing on your "flaws" means more time spent on what you're passionate about—now there's a recipe for success. (AKA if you wanted to become the world's most influential trainer, for instance...)


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