The Panic Attacks and Anxiety That Stunned Kendall Jenner—and How She Deals With Them

Photo: Instagram/@kendalljenner
You might look to Khloe for breakup advice, Kourtney for a killer (and super-filling) smoothie recipe, and Kylie for the latest trends in fitness fashion—but when it comes to dealing with anxiety, Kendall Jenner is the sister with firsthand experience.

In a recent post on her app outlining the peaks and pits of her 2016, the supermodel opens up that anxiety was a major hurdle during the past year. Between landing endless covers of major magazines, walking the most-coveted runways, and leading the charge of Instagram-famous models, you may think that Jenner has it all under control.

"I felt my heart beating a million miles an hour, and I even went a little numb."

But a life of constant travel and high-profile jobs—not to mention the security scares her family dealt with—left the 21-year-old feeling a serious amount of pressure. "I once had a really bad [anxiety] attack on a plane and just had to ride it out," she explains in a separate post about her coping techniques. "I felt my heart beating a million miles an hour, and I even went a little numb."

She continues to say that she thinks she's finally learning to handle the attacks by reminding herself that they're "all mental" and don't need to take over her entire life: "I try to prevent anxiety attacks by bringing my mind somewhere else,” she says, adding that she uses breathing techniques to fend off a looming attack.

Sounds like the uber-famous supermodel is gearing up for a Zen-filled—while still jet-setting—2017.

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