8 Keto Protein Bars That Are Nutrient-Filled

Photo: Instagram/@bulletproof

The high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet, which might be more powerful than anti-psychotic medications (or not...), seems to be at the height of its wellness-world moment. But since the routine severely limits your carb intake, certain food items from your pre-keto-life are suddenly out of the question, like so many varieties of cereal and granola bars. Seriously, breakfast can feel like the Wild West to new keto converts without the trusty morning and snack staple.

But, not to worry: There are at the very least eight grain-free, keto-friendly protein and snack bars available for when you need an on-the-go bite before SoulCycle. Set forth and snack with the rounded-up options.

Take a look at your keto-friendly protein-bar options below.

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