9 Keto-Approved Muffin Recipes That Pair Perfectly With Buttered-up Coffee

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When making the switch to a new eating plan, there's inevitably some growing pains. If you're going vegan, it might be figuring out what veggie burgers actually hit the spot. New to the Mediterranean diet? So begins your Google search into more creative ways to cook with fish (or what to eat when you're sick of seafood). And then there's the ketogenic diet, which nixes carb-filled foods of all types including pizza, pancakes, and, yes, muffins.

Sometimes a plate of scrambled eggs just isn't going to cut it when you're really craving a warm, soft, muffin. Fortunately, you can still have a muffin with your Bulletproof coffee—without breaking ketosis. Wondering how? The key is using smart, keto-approved ingredients. Rounded up here are nine muffin recipes that do exactly that. Keep reading to see how it's done.

Scroll down for 9 healthy keto muffin recipes.

chocolate keto muffins
Photo: My Keto Kitchen

1. Keto chocolate muffins

Yep, you can still satisfy your cravings for sweets *and* muffins without breaking ketosis. Almond flour, plus lots of butter and heavy cream give these muffins their dense, cake-y texture while sugar-free chocolate chips, unsweetened cocoa powder, and erythritol, a sugar alternative, give a similar sweet taste to the traditional stuff.

keto lemon muffins
Photo: I Breathe I'm Hungry

2. Keto lemon sour cream muffins

As this recipe from I Breathe I'm Hungry shows, sour cream is a keto savior for making baked goods creamy and moist. The batter is a mix of almond and coconut flour, the latter of which pairs perfectly with the lemon, giving the muffins its slightly sweet taste.

keto blueberry muffins
Photo: Food Faith Fitness

3. Sugar-free keto blueberry muffins

Low carb? Check. Sugar free? Check. Delicious? Check, check, check. Blueberries are so tart on their own that the only sweetener this recipe uses is a bit of monk fruit, a natural alternative.

banana nut keto muffins
Photo: Hey Keto Mama

4. Keto banana nut muffins

What would a muffin roundup be without a classic banana nut option? Walnuts, one of the key ingredients, just so happen to be full of healthy fats—score! Like many keto muffin recipes, this one from Hey Keto Mama makes good use of almond flour and sour cream to get the texture just right.

keto snickerdoodle muffins
Photo: Kirbie Cravings

5. Keto snickerdoodle muffins

Not only are these muffins from Kirbie Cravings keto-approved, they're topped with cinnamon, an anti-inflammatory spice linked to boosting metabolism. The secret to their fluffy texture is adding sour cream (yep, that again) and eggs (the keto mascot if there ever was one) to the almond flour-based batter.

blackberry keto muffins
Photo: Flavour and Savour

6. Ultra moist keto blackberry muffins

Think blueberry is too basic? Use blackberries instead, which offer even more tart flavor. Just be sure to stir them super gently into the almond flour batter to avoid bursting the berries (and thus turning your muffins black). Fortunately, either way, they'll still taste delicious.

keto coffee cake muffins
Photo: Joy Filled Eats

7. Coffee cake keto muffins

The key to making coffee cake is all in the crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth topping. In this muffin version from Joy Filled Eats, almond and coconut flour blend does the job perfectly, mixed with butter, cinnamon, and a hint of molasses.

lemon poppyseed keto muffins
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8. Keto lemon poppyseed muffins

Not only are these lemon poppyseed muffins low-carb, they're full of fiber thanks to the inclusion of flaxseed meal. Between that and the poppyseeds and you have yourself a low-carb, high-fiber delight.

keto pancake muffins
Photo: Forget Sugar Friday

9. Keto pancake muffins

It's two usually high-carb breakfast foods reimagined into one, keto-approved bite. The ingredients list is blessedly short too: coconut flour, butter, baking soda, vanilla extract, eggs, and a natural sweetener of your choice. Top with a low-sugar syrup for the full pancake effect.

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