7 Protein-Packed Snacks to Help You Stay Satisfied on the Ketogenic Diet

Photo: Instagram/@kravejerkey
As research continues to point out that there is a difference between good fat and bad fat and that we need the former in order to be healthy, functional human beings, the ketogenic diet is becoming increasingly popular, even serving as the go-to eating plan for celebs like Alicia Vikander and Kourtney Kardashian. And because the high-fat, low-carb diet is having its moment in the spotlight, there's an onslaught of information and products that can help the eating plan—which might even promote solid mental health—work for you.

After figuring out how to navigate the keto flu and creating a Rolodex of new high-fat-focused meal recipes, you might realize that your snack drawer is rather lacking. The snack industry, however, has your back with protein-packed goodness (beyond granola bars) to fill your stomach and its cravings.

Upgrade your snack drawer with these ketogenic-friendly snacks.

If the ketogenic diet still seems difficult to adapt to, learn more about the ketogenic light or ketogenic vegan diets

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