Is KFC Going…Vegetarian?

This is one change no one saw coming.
Kentucky Fried Chicken's name says it all: People look to Colonel Sanders for buckets full of deep-fried wings, thighs, and breasts, coleslaw, and biscuits—not exactly the healthiest fare. But rumor has it that the fast food chain has been experimenting with an entirely different type of menu item: vegetarian fried chicken.

Plant-based protein that appeals to meat lovers is seriously trending right now. Beyond Burger and Impossible Foods are popping up in more grocery stores and restaurants across the country, including White Castle. And it looks like KFC might be next to offer an alternative. Food Beast reports the fast-food chain will be offering vegetarian fried chicken at their UK locations within the next year.

The new menu offerings are meant to appeal to both non-meat eaters and already loyal KFC customers who want to eat healthier (or at least, meat-free). And the secret is in the spices: KFC insiders working on the recipe say they are confident the new vegetarian chicken will taste delish because of the 11 seasonings blend the chain uses. That, they say, is key. Other details about the recipe are still under wraps. (So right now it's literally mystery "meat.")  One thing's for sure: Plant-based eating isn't going anywhere.

Here's how being vegan compares to being plant-based. (Yes, they're different.) Plus, how to introduce meat back into your diet after being vegan or vegetarian.

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