The 10-Minute Dinner Recipe a Celeb Nutritionist Makes on Busy Weeknights

Photo: Getty Images/elenaleonova
Every day after I finish working, I put on my frilly apron and whip up a healthy three-course meal in my dreams, anyway. As much as I would love to have some leftover energy in my supply tank by dinnertime, that's not usually the case. Plus with nights that are often just as busy as days, getting the chance to do anything other than run to Sweetgreen and grab a to-go salad is a true challenge. But that's where one all-star celebrity nutritionist comes in.

Despite (probably) being on Drew Barrymore's speed dial, Kimberly Snyder is still just like us. The busy nutritionist always has a jam-packed schedule, whether she's writing up cookbooks or working on her wellness brand. And she'll be the first to admit that, despite dealing with food and nutrition for a living, even she needs a quick fix every now and then. That's exactly why she has a 10-minute recipe up her sleeve that she makes whenever she's short on time.

Earlier this week, Snyder hosted a Q&A on Well+Good's Cook With Us Facebook group. Readers asked her all their burning questions on nutrition, cooking, healthy eating, gut health, and more. When asked what her go-to dish on a busy weeknight is, her response was simple: "A stew or kitcheree. Basically, a one-pot meal with veggies, spices, ginger, and maybe mushrooms or lentils." Easy, right? You have everything you need for a satisfying dinner that will fuel you—and keep things mess-free, at that.

The next time you're running low on energy and time, steal this nutritionist's tip and fill your pot with a handful of wholesome ingredients. Soon enough, you'll be sipping your way to warm, cozy, nutrient-loaded bliss.

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