The Best Kitchen Scissors To Make Cooking and Cleanup a Breeze

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Today, I'm here to talk about the best kitchen scissors. But before I get to that, let's talk chopped food. There has to be something scientifically more enjoyable about a *finely* chopped salad. For example, take this viral TikTok green goddess salad or this chopped salad Jennifer Aniston swears by. What’s actually scientific is the fact that the act of chopping or listening to sounds that imitate chopping (more commonly known as ASMR) has been linked to reducing stress in the body and helping you fall asleep faster. Health benefits aside, I am personally interested in any way to make a dish more delicious, easy to eat (can we just all admit large kale leaves are very hard to chew?!) and do so more efficiently.

However, I’m only human. I want the finely chopped salads, the fresh herbs, the clean sink (with no dishes piled up after cooking what promised to be a simple dish), and I most certainly want all of the easy pull tabs on packaging to work like a charm. Enter: the superhero of the kitchen: kitchen scissors. And because I don’t have superpowers, yet I still want all of this, I have dedicated quite a bit of energy into finding the best kitchen scissors around.

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If you’re not familiar with this kitchen hero or simply think that any old pair of scissors will do the trick, allow me to enlighten you. For starters, here’s a list of things I use kitchen scissors for (just to name a few):

  • Cutting veggies from green onions to carrots and everything in between
  • Trimming meat
  • Cracking nuts
  • Opening bottles
  • Opening packaging
  • Ribboning or peeling vegetables
  • Stripping herbs
  • Scoring bread, trimming dough

When you’re done prepping, most good shears can easily be taken apart for cleaning. Below, I will reveal my findings so that you, too, can experience the magic of kitchen scissors (or upgrade the ones you have).

The MVP of Kitchen Scissors

Gerior Store Heavy Duty Utility Come Apart Kitchen Shears — $16.00

These kitchen scissors get my vote for kitchen MVP. Of all the scissors out there, these are the ones that I can reach for for each of the reasons listed above. With over 5k five-star ratings on Amazon, there are a lot of people just like you and me who agree that the sharp blades, the easy cleaning and the multitool capabilities of this pair make it a game changer. Use them to cut and peel produce and shear through tough meats, as well as crack through bones and nuts. They can also be used to open bottles and stubborn jar lids. The rubbery handles are grippy—yet soft—so they’re easy on wrists. Lastly, the food grade stainless steel is rust-resistant.


OXO Good Grips Kitchen and Herb Scissors — $20.00

The OXO Kitchen and Herb Scissors are a great option for kitchens that perhaps see many more vegetables than meats. They are still sharp enough to trim meat, but where they really shine is in stripping herbs from their stems for adding into dishes, cocktails, etc. Other notable features include: cushioned pads for comfort on wrists and fingers, micro-serrated blades for easy cutting, and durable stainless steel. These also come apart for easy cleaning.

Our Table Kitchen Shears — $7.00

If you’re looking for a pop of color to add to your jar of quick-grab kitchen utensils, look no further than the Our Table kitchen scissors. A budget friendly and fun option, these scissors don’t have as many of the handy perks as others (for example, they don’t come apart to clean), but they do get the job done in a pinch. Just make sure to hand-wash this one.

Shun Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears — $55.00

This Japanese cutlery brand is known for its quality and long-lasting blades, making these kitchen shears an investment in good cutlery. While the price here is a little steeper than most, they do have many of the features I love in kitchen shears (it has a built-in jar and bottle opener, can crack nuts, and is extremely sharp) and come apart for cleaning. They also feature a comfortable and non-slip grip making feeling like a pro-chef when wielding them all the more likely.

Yidoulai Kitchen Scissors with Blade Cover — $14.00

These kitchen scissors are another pair I would classify as a kitchen multitool. With handles a bit smaller than average, they make a great option for people with hands on the smaller side. They do also come apart for cleaning (although sometimes too easily) and come with a handy blade cover and are magnetic for storage.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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