These ‘Period Leggings’ Kept Me Dry When I Was Free Flowing During My Yoga Class—Yep, I’m Impressed

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When you’re working up a sweat, things down there can turn questionable—and stinky! and embarrassing!—really fast. Add on a surprise arrival of your period, a leaky bladder, a tampon that’s due for a change, or a particularly discharge-y day, and you have a seriously swampy crotch on your hands. We’ve all been there.

Knix to the rescue! The intimates brand, known for its period-friendly designs, recently released a line of leakproof leggings, shorts, and skorts that promise protection when you're moving and grooving. I'm already a fan of the brand's Leakproof period underwear, which recently helped me survive 17 hours on a plane on the first day of my period without a menstrual cup or tampon in sight. So, with high hopes, I gave this collection a try. Spoiler: It did not disappoint.

Knix, LeakStrong™ Leakproof Legging — $90.00

Available sizes: XS-4XL in solid black or galactica print.

Knix, LeakStrong™ Leakproof Short — $70.00

Available sizes: XS-4XL in solid black or galactica print.

Knix, LeakStrong™ Leakproof Skort — $78.00

Available sizes: XS-4XL in solid black or white.

According to Knix, up to 70 percent of women avoid exercise or movement because of leaks. Be it blood, sweat, or urine, it’s uncomfortable, oftentimes unpleasant smelling, and can distract you from getting your personal best on whatever Peloton class you’re taking. That’s where the Leakproof collection comes in handy. The leggings, shorts, and skort are all meant to feel lightweight (they are), dry quickly (they do), and fight bacteria (I’ll trust them on this part.) Thanks to a discreet gusset, the leggings and shorts absorb up to six teaspoons of liquid—the equivalent of five tampons—while the skort absorbs up to three teaspoons of liquid, plenty to keep you dry through a few matches on the court.

I nabbed a pair of the leggings and shorts and put them to the test in a variety of situations: I took them for a spin hiking on a 90-degree day, I threw them on for a resistance band class at The Dogpound that left me sore for days, I lounged on the couch in them, and I even wore them for yoga while free-flowing on a light day of my period. In every situation, they left me high and dry in the best possible way.

The first few times you pull on the Leakproof leggings or shorts, there’s no denying that there’s a little something extra between your legs. They’re not at all diaper-like though, and within a few minutes of wearing them you’ll forget about the gusset entirely. It’s thin enough and there are no visible seams from the outside, so you can feel confident no one will suspect a thing. Yes, you can wear them without underwear. No, you won’t feel weird about it—They’re so second-skin that you won’t even notice.

And that absorbing gusset really works. It kept me dry and comfortable, even when things got super moist mid-hike or gym class. The rest of the design is top-notch too, thanks to a flexible, four-way stretch that moves with you, and carbon cotton quick-dry fabric that keeps you comfortable-as-can-be, even during your sweatiest of moments. And, lest we forget: pockets! Each piece in this collection features double-mesh pockets, so you have a safe, convenient place to stuff your phone, keys, credit card—you name it—while you’re out and about.

While I selected and fit into my normal size, the thick, high-rise supportive waistband means serious business. It’s constructed to stay in place—and did as it promised through all my workouts—but that means it’s likely less forgiving stretch-wise than other leggings in your closet. It's still flexible, but if you’re between sizes, consider sizing up.

The leggings, shorts, and skort are all available in sizes XS to 4XL, though you better add these to your cart fast, since some sizes are selling out. For a seriously cute head-to-toe look, pair the Leakproof bottoms with one of Knix’s matching supportive sports bras. Both The Catalyst ($89) and Momenta ($60) sports bras come in the same color ways as the bottoms, so you can get matchy-matchy without compromising support.

Knix, Catalyst Sports Bra — $89.00

Available in 13 different colors and patterns.

Knix, Momenta Racerback Sports Bra — $60.00

Available in solid black, teal, brown, or the galactica pattern.

After a sweat session, simply throw your outfit in the wash. Each item in the collection is machine washable with cold water. As with all workout clothes, washing them immediately is your best bet to killing the bacteria that makes clothes stinky. (Ever left your hot yoga outfit in your hamper too long? Oof.) To ensure your Leakproof items stay in their best shape, keep them out of the dryer and hang them to dry instead. They’re quick-dry capabilities mean you won’t be waiting all day for them to dry, and instead can nearly immediately throw them back on for another round of workouts.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of leggings (or shorts or a skort) to accompany your sweatiest of workout sessions or simply as backup during your period, I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Knix’s new Leakproof collection. It kept me dry and confident in all sorts of swampy situations. Add a pair of two to your closet and you’ll stay comfortable, too, your period, sweat, discharge, and bladder leakage be damned.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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