I Traveled for 17 Hours on My Period Without a Menstrual Cup or Tampon in Sight—This Period Underwear Kept Me Dry the Whole Time

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Recently I flew across the world, from Athens to Amsterdam to Los Angeles, clocking in nearly 17 hours on an airplane. On the first day of my period. With no menstrual cup or tampon in sight.

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? It was, due to being stuck on board for hours with various delays and a stressful running-to-the-gate connection and not having slept in however many days. My period was an afterthought—not something I often say on Day One (my heaviest, crabbiest, most painful day). But thanks to Knix’s period underwear ($30-42), I could almost forget I had my period, if my aching ovaries didn’t keep reminding me. With Knix’s Leakproof design, I could settle in for yet another in-flight movie knowing I wouldn't have to anticipate any leaking or discomfort. It was a period miracle.

knix midnight blue
Super Leakproof Bikini — $30.00

This is Knix’s most absorbent undies—it can hold up to eight whole tampons worth of liquid, so you can easily wear this one all day long without having to change. This fit is versatile (a mid-rise with medium coverage that still gives you a little bit of cheekiness), and the fabric is nice and snug—just like how you want it on your period. It’s also moisture wicking and has anti-odor properties that keep ya fresh.

Sizes available: XS-XXXXL

Colors: 20

Material: 70% nylon, 30% spandex


I’d given up on tampons years ago, turning to a cup mainly for the environmental factor. After years of cup wearing, and years more of my IUD slowly lightening up my period, I’d recently become free-flowing curious. A pad was out of the question, as was anything that felt remotely diaper-like, including the many brands of period underwear I’d previously tried.

Then I tried Knix’s leafproof underwear. Is it too dramatic to call it revolutionary? It's the most absorbent, most comfortable, and cutest period underwear I’ve ever worn—and I’ve worn my fair share of period underwear. Whether as backup to a tampon or cup, or for straight free-flowing, this period underwear will help you forget you even have your period.

I could wear the brand's Leakproof Thong (yes, thong!) every day of the week, whether I have my period or not. The unique Leakproof design is meant for a light flow, but are equally as brilliant at keeping you dry and comfortable during sweaty workouts, bladder leaks, or on those fun days of the month when you’re more discharge-y than others. It's like the Swiss Army Knife of undies.

leakproof thong
Leakproof Thong — $30.00

This period thong is ideal for lighter days (when AF is more aggressive, we highly recommend the Super Leakproof Thong, which can hold up to six tampons’ worth of liquid). The Leakproof thong holds up to one teaspoon of liquid, so it’s great as a backup option, too. It’s also awesome for sweaty workouts. Bonus points: It’s seamless (no VPL!) and comfortable.

Sizes available: XS-XXXXL

Colors: 23

Material: 77% nylon, 23% Lycra Xtra Life

Knix offers various cuts and absorbency levels for your various preferences and period needs. (No period is created equal—we all know that.) Whether you prefer boy shorts, bikinis, high rise, thongs, or a cheeky cut, there are options for you in all kinds of colors.

Opt to wear the Leakproof underwear on your light flow days, or if you’re looking for a back-up to a cup or tampon. They’ll hold the equivalent to one to three tampons’ worth of liquid. For heavier days, Knix Super Leakproof underwear is a better bet. They hold the equivalent of six to eight tampons. For full, nothing’s-getting-through-here coverage, nab a pair of Knix’s Cotton Super Leakproof Boxer Brief. They hold the equivalent of 10 tampons’ worth of liquid. All of Knix’s designs are also seamless, so they’re invisible under even the tightest of yoga pants, and machine washable, too.

knix boxer brief
Cotton Super Leakproof Boxer Brief — $38.00

Knix’s newest period undies, the Cotton Super Leakproof Boxer Brief may just be the most comfortable option yet. Wear them to bed or underneath your clothes—these are so lightweight, you won’t even know they’re there. Made of a buttery-soft cotton, the liner is super absorbent and goes all the way up to the waistband (which is very helpful at night—IYKYK). This holds up to 10 tampons’ worth of liquid! So, sleep in friends.

Sizes available: XS-XXXXL

Colors: 6

Material: 47% cotton, 27% modal, 6% spandex


Not only do Knix’s period underwear work (hallelujah!), but it's also adorable. In addition to being available in a slew of neutral tones, the brand routinely launch new limited-edition colors and patterns. I own the white pair with butterflies called the Flutter By, and they haven’t had as much as a drop of blood go wayward, staining them. A pair of white period undies? If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is.

Whether you’re interested in transitioning to free flowing, or simply want a backup, I can’t scream it from the mountaintops enough: Knix Leakproof period underwear is life-changing. It's absorbent, comfortable, discreet, machine-washable, and even cute. No need to hide these in the back of your lingerie drawer. Add a few pairs to your underwear collection, and you’ll be gifted worry-free period (and sweat, discharge, and bladder leakage) protection day and night, all month long.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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