The New Kosas Brow Gels Include Good-for-Your-Hair Ingredients That My Laminated Brows Are Loving

Photo: Kosas
I've been itching to get my brows laminated, and few weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge and do it myself. I loved the look, but my brows felt a bit fragile. I didn't lose any hair, but the skin underneath them got dry and flakey. Even once the flaking subsided I was wary of putting makeup on them, but it just so happened that Kosas launched its new brow gels that same week, made with nurturing ingredients I felt good putting on my sensitized brows.

Available in tinted ($22) and clear ($22) versions, the Kosas Air Brow gel is hands down the best brow gel I've tried. The tinted version comes in 10 shades—including gray—making it easy to find a hue that matches your hair color. It contains castor oil, which provides moisture and deep nourishment to hair; vitamin B5, which helps revive brows; biotinyl tripeptide to support healthier, fuller hair; and biodegradable plant-based microfibers to create volume. The clear version takes out castor oil and replaces it with hyaluronic acid to strengthens hair and trehalose to hydrate and condition hair.

Aside from being good for your brows, it applies beautifully. The formula isn't too wet, the spoolie is firm, and the tube removes a good amount of product when you pull it out. At first, I found this last bit annoying. But in time I realized that it means you're using less product and it helps control application so the product goes on in brow-like strokes instead of tinted blobs. It of course doesn't provide the precision you can get with a pencil, but it's much less wet and goopy than other tinted gels on the market. When I do want a super-precise look, I'll use the also-new Kosas Brow Pop Clean Dual-Action Defining Eyebrow Pencil ($22) which also comes in 10 shades and contains castor oil and vitamin B5 and top it with the clear gel. I've worked out with these products on, gone on bike rides, and my brows look just as pigmented after as they did when I first applied.

After experiencing lash and brow hair loss while pregnant, Kosas founder Sheena Yaitanes learned about the powerful benefits of castor oil and was inspired to create a line centered around the oil. "Every product we create at Kosas has to be comfortable and effective, while also working to take care of your skin—or hair. So there was no question that when we started developing the brow formulas, each ingredient would be intentionally chosen to support this philosophy," she says. "We created each product in the collection to support every single unique brow type and shape. Wear them alone or layered to get your favorite version of your own eyebrows."

I fall more in love with these products every time I use them. They make my brows look amazing and have kept them strong and healthy after my DIY laminating experience. Get ready to be impressed.

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