PSA: Kosas is Having a Huge Sale—Here are the Best Deals, According to a Veteran Beauty Editor

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If you are into “staving off your depression by buying things on the internet” like I am, here is some news that's going to flood your brain with serotonin: Everything on the Kosas sale (i.e. everything on the website) is 20 percent off for the rest of the day. If you're not familiar with the brand, let me give you a quick breakdown. It's a beauty editor favorite that got its start making lipsticks, but today, everything from the concealer to the bronzer is infused with skin-care quality ingredients.

We'd love it for just the skin-benefits, but the color payoff of the blushes and lipsticks is also unmatched. I have never been disappointed by a Kosas product. While I wanted this story to simply read "buy everything immediately," I did manage to narrow it down to the six products that are absolute must-haves. Here's what to buy from the Kosas sale.

1. Kosas The Big Clean Mascara, $21 (originally $26)

Kosas Mascara
Photo: Kosas

This mascara lives up to the hype. It makes my lashes long and fluffy without smudging or clumping, and it stays looking fresh all day long. It also doesn't make my lashes feel crunchy, due to the inclusion of hair-nourishing ingredients like castor oil. I put it through the most rigorous test I know—crying to Phoebe Bridgers while imagining false scenarios involving my current crush and hurting my own feelings—and while it's not waterproof, it did an admirable job against my tears.

Shop Now: Kosas The Big Clean Mascara, $21 (originally $26)

2. Kosas Revealer Concealer, $22 (originally $28)

Kosas Concealer
Photo: Kosas

My under-eye circles have gone from "sexy French depression" to "not even the Zoom touch-up filter can help me now" over the course of 2020, so I definitely need a concealer that's ready to work. This one is creamy and melts into my skin, and the medium-coverage formula camouflages the fact that I haven't had a decent night of sleep since February. It also contains good-for-skin ingredients like soothing arnica and brightening caffeine.

Shop Now: Kosas Revealer Concealer, $22 (originally $28)

3. Kosas The Sun Show Bronzer, $27 (originally $34)

Kosas Bronzer
Photo: Kosas

Ever since an unfortunate incident involving a heavy-handed shimmer bronzer application, lighting that was much harsher than expected, and a white top, I have exclusively used matte bronzers. But this one has made me rethink that stance. The shimmer doesn't look sparkly on my (very, very) pale skin—it just makes me look insanely glowy and healthy like I've spent the last few months on a deserted tropical island with no access to the internet and a hot beau to do my bidding.

Shop Now: Kosas The Sun Show Bronzer, $27 (originally $34)

4. Kosas Wet Lip Oil Gloss, $22 (originally $27)

Kosas Lip Oil
Photo: Kosas

These lip oils give you the shiny look of a gloss without the stickiness, plus hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and avocado oil. The product comes in five colors that all smell like an orange creamsicle, but I am partial to the sheer shade "Jellyfish" because the name is one of the only things that has made me genuinely smile in days.

Shop Now: Kosas Wet Lip Oil Gloss, $22 (originally $27)

5. Kosas Color & Light Palette - Cream, $27 (originally $34)

Kosas Cheek Color
Photo: Kosas

I love cream blush in theory, but in practice, it often ends up drawing attention to my pores, making me look greasy, and melting off my face in less than an hour. But not these babies. My favorite shade is Tropic Equinox because the highlighter is out of this world glowy, and the blush shade gives my skin a sunlit warmth.

Shop Now: Kosas Color & Light Palette - Cream, $27 (originally $34)

6. Kosas Weightless Lipstick, $22 (originally $28)

Kosas Lipstick
Photo: Kosas

The first product I ever tried from Kosas was this lipstick in shade "Rosewater", and it has been one of my favorites for years. It's tricky to make a "clean" lipstick that's super pigmented, long-lasting, and hydrating all at once, yet Kosas has pulled it off. A blend of mango seed butter, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, rosehip seed oil, and jojoba oil nourish lips without being greasy.

Shop Now: Kosas Weightless Lipstick, $22.40 (originally $28)

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