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Found: the Only Makeup Product That Doesn’t Make Me Feel Like I’m Melting in Humidity

Zoe Weiner

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Photo: Getty Images/JGI/Jamie Grill
This time of year, it feels like 80 percent of my time is spent trying to hack my beauty regimen to work in summer weather. Humidity in the air (which we are getting a lot of in New York City right now) means that my hair needs approximately 200 pounds of anti-frizz spray, and my skin needs extra hydration and exfoliation in order to avoid breakouts. Thanks to the help of experts, I've got those aspects of my routine down pat. But my makeup? Not so much.

Historically, finding a foundation that doesn't feel caked, claustrophobic, and sweaty when it's 80 degrees and raining (fun!) has seemed impossible—I've tried dozens of different options, all of which left my skin looking "gross" and "greasy" instead of "glowy." Woof. But then, I was feeling truly wild one morning and decided to forego foundation altogether in lieu of my Kosas Tinted Face Oil ($42), and realized that my favorite winter makeup product could be a summer season hero, too.

I know, I know: The thought of putting on even more oil during the greasiest time of the year sounds bananas (I thought so too, which is why it took me so long to try it in warm weather) but hear me out. Instead of being thick and slimy, the Kosas oil goes on super thin and grease-free—giving my skin a dewy, hydrated finish. Because there's literally no cakey-ness at all, it sits flawlessly throughout the day, all day, and doesn't cake with sweat the way regular foundation does.

Derms recently filled me in on the fact that humidity can lead to sweat and clogged pores (which, I guess, duh), so finding a breathable face makeup that won't add to this issue feels like a big win. It admittedly doesn't offer a whole lot of coverage (the brand classifies it as "medium coverage," but I'd say it's pretty light, which is actually to its credit when it comes to use in humidity), so I do have to use concealer under my eyes and on top of any blemishes. However, when it comes to evening out my skin tone and dark spots, this stuff works some major magic, and the finish is nothing short of radiant. And, bonus: I've literally never received as many compliments on my skin as when I'm wearing Kosas Face Oil, which I definitely don't hate.

In addition to looking freaking amazing (if I do say so myself), Kosas Face Oil also some pretty fab skin benefits. It's made with a bunch of different nourishing botanical oils, and is so hydrating it actually doubles as a serum or moisturizer on its own—perfect for those extra sticky days when the thought of putting an extra layer of a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g on my face is gonna be a no from me, dawg.

The product has been around for a while, but the brand recently extended the shade range to include 16 shades that work for 48 different skin tones (as a rep recently explained to me, each shade works for its exact match, plus the skin tones one shade lighter and darker). Glow, sans grease, for all.

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