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These Flavor-Packed Infused Olive Oils Will Elevate Your Every Dish

Emily Laurence

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Ask any chef the key to really stepping up a dish and they'll likely answer with one word: seasoning. Without incorporating spices into your foods, your meal is bound to be bland and boring.

Many chefs have told me that in order to really make sure their foods are full of flavor in every bite, they cook with infused olive oils; that way, the herbs are cooked right into the fish, veggies, or whatever it is they're cooking up. Even renowned New York City restauranteur and cookbook author David Bouley cooks with infused olive oils.

Making infused olive oils at home has always intimidated me. I know it's not, you know, hard, but I get stuck on what herbs to incorporate and what the ratios should be. I certainly don't want to screw it up and ruin a perfectly good bottle of olive oil, the nutrient-rich liquid gold that it is. Fortunately, I recently discovered a line of infused olive oils that not only does the infusing themselves, the oils taste so delicious that I've literally been incorporating them into every meal.

Kosterina Olive Oil Trio

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Kosterina olive oil is sourced from organic koroneiki olives and produced in the Peloponnese region of Greece, where the founder's family is from. In every bottle are a whopping 12 pounds of the olives, which are harvested when they're still ripe and green. According to the brand, this actually makes the olive oil roughly 10 times higher in polyphenols (linked to boosting brain- and heart-health) than the average olive oil.

Watch the video below to learn more about the health benefits of olive oil:

Besides pure olive oil, there are two infused olive oils: one with garlic and one with lemon and a medley of Greek herbs, including oregano, onion, and black pepper. I can tell you first-hand that they're so good that I've been tempted to drink them. Even though it isn't infused, the regular olive oil is full of flavor and it's become my tried-and-true cooking base. The garlic-olive oil has taken my morning avocado toast to a whole new level. I've also used it on pasta, potatoes, and just on its own as a dipping sauce for warm bread.

Watch the video below to learn about the health benefits of adding garlic to your food:

The Greek herb-infused olive oil has quickly become my favorite. It's become my go-to for adding flavor to fish, chicken, and roasted veggies. I've also been using it in place of salad dressing; often we totally forget to add herbs to salads and what better way in a form that also adds healthy fats?

As many a doctor has told me, adding olive oil to your food makes whatever it is your eating even more nutrient-rich. Throw anti-inflammatory herbs, such as garlic and oregano, into the mix and that becomes even more true. And in this case, it doesn't just up the nutrient density — it ups the deliciousness, too.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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