How Kourtney Kardashian Uses ACV to Avoid Getting Hangry on the Keto Diet

Photo: Instagram/@kourtneykardash
The ketogenic diet has been trending among celebs like Vanessa Hudgens and Megan Fox for a while. Know who else is keeping up with the latest eating plan? Kourtney Kardashian, People reports.

She credits going keto with helping her feel (and look!) fantastic—and a big part of her success is thanks to one simple pantry staple: apple cider vinegar. It along with skin-boosting collagen protein powder, helped her fend off hunger while she also practiced intermittent fasting on the diet.


Twenty minutes after waking up, she has water mixed with one tablespoon of organic ACV. Then, she has an additional tablespoon before eating dinner.

Twenty minutes after waking up, Kardashian has water mixed with one tablespoon of organic ACV, she wrote on her website. Then, she has an additional tablespoon before eating dinner. To stay satisfied while on the diet plan last year, Kardashian cooked broccoli rice and cauliflower rice to help herself pretend she was enjoying the kinds of carbs that are keto-contraband, and she also ate colorful salads with homemade dressing and creamy, avocado-packed smoothies.

But, in order to keep self-care in check, Kardashian made sure to leave a margin for tasty fun in the serious combo of keto and intermittent fasting. "I also did a ‘treat yourself’ day once a week, which really helped get me get through the few months that I did this diet,” she says, adding that since her keto experience was so great, she plans to reintroduce it later this year.

Aside from helping her avoid being hangry, Kardashian also credits ACV with helping her curb sugar cravings, too. It's one of the many health benefits that makes apple cider vinegar a worthy addition to your diet: It also helps combat common digestive issues and gets you to sleep faster at night, FYI. It might be tough to swallow at first (literally!), but the perks outweigh the not-so-pleasant taste. And if you really can't stomach a spoonful of this kind of medicine, maybe just soak up the benefits in a dreamy bath situation.

Speaking of the taste, this beverage makes apple cider vinegar seriously drinkable. Or, try this recipe for ketogenic avocado fries, which uses a touch of ACV.

This story was originally published on February 28, 2018; it was updated on June 26, 2018. 

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