Yogi Koya Webb Says Using This $5 Product Has Fooled People About Her Age

Photo: Instagram/@koyawebb
If you don't yet know yoga-preneur Koya Webb, a social media sensation who's captured the attention of over half a million followers on Instagram, it might be time to get acquainted. That is, if you're into heart-centric inspiration, wanderlust-inducing photography, vegan lifestyle tips, sweaty workouts and, of course, yoga guidance.

A word of warning, however; exposure to Webb may also invoke envy (or is that just me?). She's not only all of the above but also one of those women who somehow glows even more in person sans filters than she does online. She tells me she attributes quite a bit of that shine to her lifestyle. Despite her whole-foods-centric, plant-based diet, Webb is also a big believer in fueling her signature glow with supplements. Her must-haves? A daily multivitamin, B12, probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes.

Webb doesn't pretend to shun store shelves, either; however, her beauty routine is minimal and clean. Below, she shares her four faves for glowing, healthy skin, including a secret stolen from her grandmother, an OG holistic-beauty babe.

Keep reading to steal Koya Webb's wellness-oriented beauty secrets.


Koya Webb beauty picks
Photo: Osea

Osea Anti-Aging Body Balm, $48

"I love Osea’s anti-aging body balm because it leaves my skin super silky and infuses it with coconut oils, minerals like seaweed, and fruits like açaí and passion fruit," she tells me.

Koya Webb beauty picks
Photo: Pacifica

Pacifica Pineapple Wipe Out Face Wipes, $6

"I don’t like using towels on my face because they can contain detergent residue and bacteria that irritate my sensitive skin, so I opt for Pacifica face wipes," Webb explains. "They smell like a Hawaiian fruit bowl and are vegan- and cruelty-free!"

Koya Webb beauty picks
Photo: I Am Her

REALHER "I Am Awesome" Lip Gloss, $36

"I love the empowering affirmations this company puts on their products," Webb says. "This one is a mauve tint that looks clear on me but gives a natural hint of color. On friends with lighter skin, the color pops more—but everyone who’s borrowed this gloss loves it!"

Koya Webb beauty picks
Photo: Jason

Vitamin E Oil, $5

"I follow a plant-based diet, drink lots of water, and no matter what use vitamin E oil at night," Webb dishes. "It’s my grandma’s secret, and it works—people can’t believe I just turned 37."

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