Kristen Bell Created a New CBD Face Cream That Fakes 8 Hours of Sleep on the Spot

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When looking for a moisturizer, we want it to make us look good and feel good, too. That's a skin-care product we can really get behind, and that's exactly what you can expect from Kristen Bell’s new face cream from her CBD skin-care line Happy Dance. It'll quite literally make you want to do a happy dance once you try it.

The Look Alive Face Moisturizer is the latest release from Bell’s brand, which she launched last year. Designed to help revive tired-looking skin, this new cream aims to help make a fresher and brighter face attainable when your demanding schedule and daily stress somehow finds its way onto your face without your permission. (Not cool, life. Not cool.)

happy dance face cream
Happy Dance Look Alive Moisturizer — $29.00

With ingredients like avocado oil, hyaluronic acid, and full spectrum CBD, this whipped moisturizer makes skin feel smooth and supple without weighing it down.

As a successful actress, entrepreneur, and busy mother of two, Bell knows a thing or two about handling stress. That’s part of the reason why she got into the CBD space and what inspired her to create a face cream that would be more than just a hydration station.  

“What I really wanted to do by creating this moisturizer is to create a facial moisturizer that made you look like you slept more than three hours,” Bell says. 

And that it does, thanks to its rich selection of nourishing ingredients and full-spectrum CBD (150 mg per jar). For those unfamiliar, CBD is an active ingredient derived from the cannabis plant. Although it doesn't get you high, many claim that it has calming properties and can act as a natural painkiller. At the same, the moisturizer also features avocado oil (this softens and hydrates) and bisabolol (a type of antioxidant that helps combat redness). Additionally, the cream contains not one, not two, but four different types of hyaluronic acids (which is three more than many facial moisturizers). The cream's texture is lightweight and has a buttery, almost heavy-cream-like consistency. It packs on the moisture but doesn’t leave behind any oily-type residue.

Over the last week, I gave the moisturizer a go and was pleasantly surprised. It went on smoothly and absorbed easily into my skin. I also love that it felt weightless so I could reapply it endlessly. And after several days of wearing it, I'm happy to report that my dry skin does look brighter and more nourished. That's a major skin-care win in my book.

So, how (and when) should you use Look Alive? For Bell, the moisturizer is the last step in her skin-care routine and her go-to when she needs a shot of hydration. “I’ll use the IS Clinical Active Serum and then my Happy Dance tons-of-hyaluronic-acid-CBD moisturizer, it’s pretty simple,” Bell said. “And when I’m not working, I don’t wear much makeup. But the fun discovery I’ve made about this product is that I get dry throughout the day, especially if I’m working on a sound stage. I can put this over my makeup, and it’s great.”

The combination of CBD and skin-care is something near and dear to Bell's heart. As a member of Hollywood’s elite, she's enjoyed her fair share of exclusive and cutting-edge products. But after experiencing the positive effects of CBD in her daily life, she wanted to give people the chance to have that same experience. Enter, Happy Dance. The brand's goal is to demystify the deeply misunderstood plant compound and help make it more accessible. That can be seen in its eye-catching, playful colors and fonts (which is a stark contrast from other clinical, more serious packaging), and under-$30 price points. Not to mention, there are three other products available to round out your skin-care routine, including a CBD body butter, bath bomb and coconut melt.

As an awesome bonus, the company is committed to paying it forward. In fact, one percent of Happy Dance's profits goes to A New Way of Life Entry Project, a Black-owned organization that provides a slew of services to women recently released from prison.

While not everyone may be familiar with the benefits associated with CBD, Bell swears by its power and hopes to communicate its transformative-like effects—one skin-care product at a time.

"Happy Dance to me is not necessarily something physical," Bell said, "But it’s something emotional where you just feel good, and I wanted to translate that about this product."

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