Kristen Bell Perfectly Captures Why You Should *Always* Triple-Check Your Lettuce

There are so many perks to growing your own food: You get to eat produce at its peak freshness, have full control over how it's grown (hello, organic everything!), harvest food year-round in your apartment—and make some slimy new friends when they sneak into your salad bowl. At least if you're Kristen Bell or Dax Shepard, that is.

The healthy actress recently shared her reaction via Instagram Stories to seeing a slug make its way through a salad her husband, Dax Shepard, made from produce in their home garden. (He's not fazed by the creepy-crawly, though—to him, it's just a "lil' bit of protein.")

Bell maintains it was his duty to clean off the lettuce—which he jokingly claims he did throughly, piece by piece—giving all her Instagram followers an important lesson on why triple-checking (and triple-washing) produce is so important—particularly considering the recent E. coli outbreak on romaine lettuce—whether you grow it at home or buy it at the store.

But, not to worry: There's a happy ending to this story for all parties involved. Bell—who's been a vegetarian since age 11—released the slug back into the wild where it belongs, and she still got her serving of greens: "I think I'm still going to eat the salad. I'm going to take [the bug] outside, but is it gross if I still eat the salad?" she asks in the video. No judgment either way, Kristen, but maybe wash that leafy bowl of health one more time before chomping through the nutrients. Better safe than sorry when it comes to rinsing your roughage.

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