I Tried Lawless Beauty’s Newest Blush, and It Left My Cheeks With the Perfect Pinch of Color

Photo: Lawless Beauty
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Wearing makeup during the hot summer months isn’t always an ideal or pleasant experience. However, the one makeup product I love wearing all year long—including on sweaty and humid summer days—is blush. It’s a quick and easy way to amp up your glow factor without having to put on a whole face of makeup.

The blush I plan on keeping in heavy rotation this summer is the Lawless Beauty Pinch My Cheeks Soft-Blur Cream Blush ($29). It has a cloud-like texture and is packed with a blend of antioxidants and micronized pigments and powders to help protect the skin from free radicals, making it especially ideal for the warm months. (A bonus: You can also wear it on your lips.)

Lawless Beauty Pinch My Cheeks Soft-Blur Cream Blush — $29.00


  • Blendable
  • Pigmented and long-lasting
  • Works well with other skincare and makeup products


  • Would love more shade options

The cream blush is non-comedogenic, talc-free, vegan, and infused with green tea extract to help re-energize the skin. It’s also formulated with high-performing hybrid elastomer microsphere powders to create a soft-focus effect with that velvety finish that I personally prefer. Micronized pigments found in the blush help each shade appear as bright or as subtle as you like while helping it glide onto your cheeks or lips seamlessly.

It comes in six gorgeous shades, too:

  • Angel, a pretty nude rose for those days where you want a slight touch of color.
  • Cherry Pie, a bright pop of cherry pink that you can’t go wrong with.
  • Gumdrop, a bright baby pink that’s perfect for day-to-day wear.
  • Rosebud, a dusty cool rose for those who love the no-makeup-makeup look.
  • Starburst, a soft peach to add a bright and refreshing hint of color to your skin.
  • Valentine, a bright watermelon shade that screams summer and fun.

No matter which shade of this weightless, creamy, and velvety-soft blush you choose, they will help you embrace your love for blush while giving your skin an energized and radiant look that lasts—no matter how warm it is outside.

My review of the Lawless Beauty Pinch My Cheeks Cream Blush

When trying each of these shades out, I found that they all melted into my skin without disrupting any other face makeup like foundation (liquid or powder) that I was wearing. It created a blurred, skin-like finish that I looked forward to applying each morning after first using the blush.

Whether you’re opting for a full face of makeup or a natural no-makeup look that relies on the lively color of blush to give your skin some life, you’ll find that this buildable product will easily help you achieve your desired amount of color intensity. When I’m opting for a super minimal look—brow gel, mascara, and blush—the one thing I really look for is a blush that will give me a natural-looking yet noticeable pop of color that enhances my desired look.

Since I tend to use my fingers to apply blush to my cheekbones, I fell in love with how creamy this formula was. If you’ve tried your fair share of blushes, you know that certain formulas don’t transfer well with the finger method and work better with brushes or beauty sponges. I really enjoyed how seamlessly the blush would glide onto my skin, and its satin powder finish was the cherry on top. It gave my skin a really nice glowy and natural look that I love for summer.

I’d swipe the product with my pointer finger and gently tap the blush onto my cheek bones until it looks blended on both sides. Since I err on the more simplistic side, I’d usually only do one swatch, but if I was getting dressed up or wanted a more noticeable pop of pigment, I’d add more product until seeing my desired color.

The verdict

Sometimes a blush can be too light, not intense enough, or far from long-lasting. With Lawless Beauty’s new blush formulation, that’s far from the truth. These long-lasting and buildable blushes lasted through a day of work followed by a humid dinner outside.

Starburst has become my go-to everyday blush shade and I’ll add just a smidge of Cherry Pie on top when I’m wanting more of a vibrant look. While summer is only just beginning, I can see myself sporting multiple shades at once and switching up my everyday look throughout the sunny season.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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