This Lay-On Vibrator Gives Major Orgasms in the Laziest Way Possible

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As a girl who refused to jog the mile in high school P.E. and currently has a pile of unfolded laundry on her bed, I'm more than just a little thrilled to see Gen Z’s "lazy girl" trend explode on social media. I’ve always subscribed to the idea that as long as you successfully (and safely, of course) get from Point A to Point B, it’s perfectly fine to take a few shortcuts. The same applies to how I masturbate—while I can appreciate an hours-long edging session, sometimes I just… need to cum, quickly, without all the dramatics and hand cramping that sometimes accompanies it.

Fun Factory, Laya III Lay-On Vibrator — $109.00

Available in Sage Green or Soft Violet.

Speeds: 5

Patterns: 3


  • Waterproof
  • Made of body-safe silicone
  • Easy to hold and handle
  • Has 5 different speeds and 3 different patterns
  • Versatile and great for partnered play
  • 2-year warranty


  • Premium price point
  • No extra features or app capabilities

Lazy folks, rejoice: the Laya III ($109) is marketed as the latest-and-greatest of multi-purpose lay-on vibrators—that is, a toy that the user can sit upon and get direct clitoral contact by grinding on top of the surface. According to the toy’s manufacturer Fun Factory, the Laya III was built with the shapes of the human anatomy in mind, and in theory, could bring you to climax, sans manual labor, thanks to how it cups the pubic bone.

Ahead, I put it to the test. Read ahead for my full and honest review.

First impressions

The unique shape of this vibrator makes it super innocuous. I picked the Sage Green color (the Laya III comes in a purple shade, too), which makes it look more like an IRL sculpture version of Squidward’s "Bold and Brash" painting from SpongeBob Squarepants than it does an actual sex toy. I know that the bean-like shape serves a function outside of aesthetics, but as someone who often forgets to tuck toys away in my goodie drawer, I appreciated how inconspicuous it looks to an untrained eye. Without knowing what it was, I would have believed you if you said it was a space-age at-home beauty device.

Photo: Author

The Laya III is completely covered in body-safe silicone that’s super soft and velvety to the touch, but, unlike many vibrators, is covered in deep ridges. These ridges serve two important functions: Firstly, they provide extra texture, and therefore, heightened sensations, and second, they allow you better grip (an important perk if you love lube or tend to get really, really wet during playtime).

Besides serving as a lay-on clitoral vibrator, Fun Factory provides a few ideas of how you can play with the ergonomically shaped Laya III. These include using it as:

  • A stroker: The curve of the toy can be used to stroke your or your partner’s penis from shaft to tip.
  • A blowjob-enhancer: You can use the curved silhouette to cup the testicles, applying direct contact to the super-sensitive area that sits just in front of the anus.
  • A shower toy: It’s completely waterproof—splash away!
  • A full-body massager: You can tease and please the entire body during foreplay.

While I planned to use it as a solo toy for my review, I appreciated how many ways you could play with the Laya III. It’s difficult to justify buying pricier toys for myself, but knowing that it could also be used to treat a partner enhanced its value in my eyes.

Equipped with seven vibration speeds and three vibration patterns, the Laya III uses a "layering effect" to switch up the typical rumbles that accompany most vibrators. Rather, this toy vibrates *and* taps at the same time to target different types of nerve endings that are harder to make contact with on the surface of your skin.

My honest review of the Laya III

With all of these specs in mind, I was excited to finally take the Laya III for a ride. As promised, its funky silhouette perfectly molded to the shape of my body, directly cupping my vulva and making direct contact with my clitoris. Not unlike Cinderella slipping on that missing glass slipper, the Laya III was a perfect fit.

The buttons are simple enough to operate. It was easy to hold, too. My hands cramp easily after writing for most of the workday, and I found that the slender, fluid silhouette made it easy to grip when I wanted to use it as a handheld clitoral vibrator. It’s perfectly palm-sized: not teeny-tiny and hard to direct like some smaller bullet vibes, nor huge or cumbersome like plug-in wands.

As a lay-on vibrator, it delivered hands-free waves of pleasure. I gave my best cowgirl impression and rode it like I would a partner, and appreciated the toy’s ridges during the ride. As a handheld clitoral vibrator, it performed well, too—the curve of the toy’s tip allowed for targeted contact and sensation.

My favorite way to play with the Laya III, though, wasn’t even suggested on the Fun Factory site. While lying on my back, I tried slipping the toy inside a pair of tight-fitting underwear, treating it like a wearable panty vibe. The applied pressure from the underwear pressed the anatomically-curated toy directly against my vulva, freeing up my hands. From there, I was able to explore myself without sacrificing the direct clitoral pressure I usually need to climax with.

Final thoughts

Perfectly molded to the natural curves of the human anatomy, the Laya III is a powerful, rumbly vibrator that deserves more hype. Its silhouette makes it incredibly versatile and fosters imagination in the bedroom, alone and with a partner.

Because it touts a premium price point and is marketed as a toy you can use with a partner, it’s a bit of a bummer that it lacks smartphone app capabilities—even just a wireless remote would be cool. Despite this, the toy is still incredibly versatile and is so much more than a lay-on clitoral vibrator.

To be clear, it definitely performs well as a lay-on grinding vibrator, though. Freeing up the use of my hands was thrilling, and allowed me to manually explore other areas of my body without losing contact and pressure on my clitoris. Grinding on it was good fun, but I found that wearing it inside a pair of tight-fitting panties gave me even more freedom. Like I said before—lazy folks, rejoice.

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