Run, Don’t Walk: You Can Nab a Le Creuset Dutch Oven for $140 Off Today

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When it comes to the Art of One-Pot Cooking, no kitchen tool quite out-chefs a classic Dutch oven. The hefty, oven-safe vessel is the perfect home for soups, sauces, chutneys, stir-fries, and stews. But there's no denying that all Dutch ovens are not created equal. When it comes to quality (and color palette), the Le Creuset Dutch Oven has no competition (IMO). And thanks to a Black Friday sale that I, for one, can't quite believe, you can now snag the Swiss army kitchen appliance for a whopping $140 off.

Right now, the French company is selling its world-famous, five-quart oven for only $210 (normally it's $350) in many colors of the Le Creuset rainbow ("marseille," "oyster," "flame," and more). Those with more mouths to feed can also grab the eight-quart version for $300 (originally $440) from Sur La Table. So if you've been waiting to add one of these babies to your kitchen, this is your moment to shine.

Shop Le Creuset 5-Quart Classic Dutch Oven

What really separates Le Creuset's Dutch oven from its counterparts is the thoughtfulness of its design. First, it's made of cast iron material that maintains a consistent temperature, allowing your ingredients to cook properly. Its oval shape also accommodates long cuts of meat that you would otherwise have to slice or dice. And finally, it doesn't require any of the annoying upkeep that normal cast irons do. (Meaning, you don't have to season it, give it the royal soap-free cleaning treatment, or sell your soul to cook some soup.) While it's certainly an investment piece, it's one that will last you for many years. (Some people even pass down the same Le Creuset within families!)

Shop Le Creuset Eight-Quart Signature Oval Dutch Oven

Once your Le Creuset arrives, your tastebuds will basically start benefitting immediately. The Dutch oven serves up hundreds of easy, delicious dishes (many of which are set it and forget it). You can get started with the vegan beef bourguignon from Well+Good's YouTube series Cook With Us, or pull out one of your tried-and-true recipes. As for the $140 you saved... may I suggest using it to purchase those fancy French mushrooms that always seem to make a soup or roast taste twice as good?

Put your Dutch oven to work with this delicious beet bourguignon:

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