This Vibrator Is the Definition of ‘Small, but Mighty’—And It’s Finally on Sale Today

When it comes to sex toys, bigger ain't always better. Vulva owners can confirm: It's all about "the motion of the ocean," if you will, and the toys in our pleasure chests are no exception. From buzzy little bullets to luxurious lipstick vibrators, the sex toys of today are inconspicuous, packing all the same punch (if not more), just in more discreet, travel-friendly packaging.

If there's ever a toy that's got the whole "small but mighty" thing down, it's the Le Wand Petite ($150), the glittery cousin to its larger, original version, the Le Wand Plug-In Massaging Vibrator ($125). At 15 percent off right now, it's a deal that won't make a dent in your wallet, or your bedside table.

Le Wand, Petite All That Glimmers Edition — $150.00

Originally $175, now $150

At just 10-inches, the Le Wand Petite is smaller than its predecessor, but packs the same great punch.

Anyone who's ever played with a wand before knows that the gadgets are anything but subtle. Most range anywhere from 12-18-inches in length and can power-up only by being plugged into the wall, making them powerful, but also cumbersome (especially during partner play) and straight up difficult to store (no hiding them in your underwear drawer).

The Le Wand Petite solves all that, and more. It's got all the same features as its bigger older sister, like a soft, silicone head that's designed to flex against the contours of your different erogenous zones, maximizing pleasure along the way. As for that "motion of the ocean" you know and love, yeah, it's definitely got that, too. Each toy features six heavenly vibration patterns across 10 intensity levels, ranging from slow and pulse-y to fast and furious, giving you everything you need to explore and indulge.

Why not just go with the original Le Wand, you ask? Because at just 10-inches long, the Petite gives you all the same buzzy goodness without overdoing it on size. Believe it or not, those three extra inches that differentiate the two toys go along way, making it way easier to stash the Petite in your nightstand or pack in your overnight bag for pleasure on-the-go. It can also be easier on your wrist. For those days you do want to take your vibrator on the road, it also comes with a glittery travel case that fits nearly in purses, suitcases, and backpacks, giving it points just for its convenience factor.

Plus, it's battery-powered. Its predecessor has to be plugged into a wall, compromising your range of motion, especially when another person is in the mix. But the Petite is wireless, as it runs on a rechargeable battery that promises up to two hours of toe-curling, body-quaking pleasure. There's no awkward moments of untangling body parts from cords or worrying about ripping the toy out from the outlet—its compact size makes it easier to get the job done, alone or with someone else.

Don't sleep on this petite powerhouse. Buy the Le Wand Petite for 15 percent off right now at a small price for big pleasure.

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