I Tried This Luxury Dual-Stimulator Sex Toy and It Made Me See Stars

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Dual-stimulation sex toys haven't always been my favorite. When I got my first rabbit vibrator in my early twenties, totally inspired by Sex and The City, I was not impressed. Honestly, I was confused about the hype surrounding any dual stimulator.

"Dual-stimulating sex toys are designed to simultaneously stimulate two different erogenous zones, most commonly the clitoris and the G-spot," explains board-certified sexologist Lilith Foxx. Because the research on the G-spot is still inconclusive1, and not all people find G-spot stimulation pleasurable, dual stimulators can be a hit or a miss for some.

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I used to fall into the “miss” category. It took me a good few years to discover my G-spot and learn that blended orgasms (where you have more than one type of orgasm simultaneously) exist. But since I discovered how good blended orgasms feel (mind-blowing, if you ask me), dual-stimulation sex toys have been my go-tos for pleasure—and I’m always excited to try new options that hit the market. Especially ones that have unique designs, like the new Lelo's Enigma Wave ($259). Spoiler alert: it did not disappoint.

My review of the Enigma Wave

lelo enigma wave dual-stimulation sex toy
Photo: Courtesy of Lelo
Lelo Enigma Wave — $259.00

Enigma Wave is one of Lelo’s newest dual stimulators that promise mind-blowing orgasms. Made from medical-grade silicone, this uniquely-shaped toy comes in two different colors (black and cyber purple), is rechargeable and fully waterproof, and has a one-year warranty. It also has three motors (an update on past iterations of Lelo’s Enigma line) to provide multiple kinds of stimulation to the clitoris and G-spot.


  • High-quality soft silicone material
  • Eight vibration intensities
  • Four different pattern modes
  • Comes with a satin bag for storage
  • Innovative technology mimics fingering and oral sex


  • Control buttons sometimes confusing to operate
  • Hefty price tag

I was enamored with Enigma Wave at first sight. As someone who appreciates unique and beautiful designs, I loved that this toy had a weird shape that I hadn't seen before. That weird shape accommodates the toy’s three motors and unique technology: the insertable tail both vibrates and rotates inside of you, while the clitoral end (a little nub on the inside of the “C” curve on the toy) sends sonic waves to stimulate your clitoris.

These design features also stimulate the clitoris internally and externally, setting it up to deliver powerful blended orgasm. "The clitoris is not just the external tip we can visually see at the top of the vulva, but is actually an extensive internal organ that wraps around the vaginal call in a horseshoe shape," explains Kaylee Rose Friedman, a MSTI-certified sex therapist. Friedman told me that the Enigma Wave was one of her favorite sex toys on the market; I was sure this would be my new favorite, too.

It was an intense orgasmic experience, and I didn't want it to end.

But my first time with Enigma Wave was less than perfect. The unique shape made it frustrating to try and figure out how it works and where it fits. Initially, it didn't feel right at any angle, and in the end, I just gave up and ended my night with zero orgasms. However, from my experience testing out sex toys, I knew that it doesn't always work out perfectly the first time. Just like with a new lover, you have to get to know your sex toy to unlock the full pleasure potential.

I tried using it again the next day, determined to crack this enigma. The second time I used Enigma Wave, I realized what the hype about Lelo's proprietary WaveMotion technology (which mimics the sensation of fingering) was all about. The rotating motion of the insertable end does mimics the "come hither" motion of fingers—that exact motion we’re all told to do in order to find our G-spot—and it feels *phenomenal* combined with the clitoral stimulation.

Figuring this out totally unlocked the incredible potential of this toy. Before I even reached the big "O", I had six smaller, what I like to call "mini orgasms", which only ever happens to me when I use my Satisfyer Pro 2 suction vibrator (and even then, not that intensely). It was an intense orgasmic experience, and I didn't want it to end. I was totally blown away.

I am a huge fan of the fingering plus oral sex combo during partnered sex, and this toy delivers it in the form of a sex toy. The toy has multiple different vibration patterns and intensities, which I always appreciate. I am fairly picky with how I like my vibrations—I find that certain toys are too buzzy and strong, which sometimes feels too intense for me. With Enigma Wave, I found that the vibrations were strong enough so I could feel and enjoy it, but it was gentle enough that even after I had an orgasm, I could continue using the toy without it feeling borderline painful.

Tips for powerful blended orgasms with Enigma Wave

For the best experience using Enigma Wave, it's good to go in with an open mind and be ready for experimentation. "It's also important to use a good quality, body-safe lubricant to enhance comfort," recommends Foxx. Lube is great to use for external stimulation to make it more pleasurable, and it's essential for penetrative toys like the Enigma Wave.

"It may help to work up to the dual stimulation by stimulating either the clitoris or G-spot first, as opposed to both all at once," Foxx adds. I took Foxx's advice the second time around using Enigma Wave, starting with isolated clitoral stimulation and it paid off. The toy is flexible and bendable enough and allows you to position it so you can only use it on the clitoris or internally.

Another thing to keep in mind when using Enigma Wave is to take off the pressure from having an orgasm. "Going into any new sexual experience with the goal of having an orgasm may make you feel more pressure, and pressure is NOT sexy," says Friedman.

The first time I tried Enigma Wave, I went in expecting the best orgasm of my life, and it left me empty-handed. The second time, I only wanted to explore and have a good time, and I had an incredibly pleasurable experience. Taking it slow and focusing on the journey, not the destination is the key when using the Enigma Wave.

The bottom line

Enigma Wave is certainly a sex toy like none other on the market. The triple stimulation delivers intense blended orgasms, and if you love dual stimulators, or the fingering-plus-oral combo during partnered sex, then this is definitely worth the splurge.

I'll admit, the $259 price tag is something to consider. It's definitely much more expensive than other dual-stimulator toys on the market. (The Classic Rabbit, for example, retails at $158.) However, in the Lelo Enigma Wave, you are getting a super versatile sex toy that you can use for dual or single stimulation of the clitoris or the G-spot. And the WaveMotion and Sensonic technologies are hard to beat. In my opinion, that "come hither" motion is worth every penny…

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  1. Vieira-Baptista, Pedro et al. “G-spot: Fact or Fiction?: A Systematic Review.” Sexual medicine vol. 9,5 (2021): 100435. doi:10.1016/j.esxm.2021.100435

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