There’s No Question About It: The New LELO Enigma Vibrator Is a Dual-Stimulating Pleasure Factory

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To experience self-pleasure in its most enlightened form, you need to first unlock your body's mysteries. And once you've figured out the basics of what really revs your engine, new curiosities tend to arise. For instance, How do I orgasm faster and harder? What brand-new sensations can I experience? What are two stimulations that would be incredible to feel at once? Well, shaped like a question mark, the newly launched LELO Enigma ($198) might just hold a great many answers for the ability to level up your pleasure routine.

It works by focusing on clitoral stimulation that goes beyond what we can see in plain sight. Most folks understand the clitoris to be a small external nub located on the north end of the vulva, but it's really more like a shark fin that's popping out of the water. That's because, as is the case with the fin, there's much more than what meets the eye. Two-thirds of the clitoris is internal, meaning some of its approximately 8,000 nerve endings aren't able to be stimulated by external touch.

The way the LELO Enigma is designed—with the double-whammy of a suction mouth and a G-spot-friendly head—is to stimulate the whole clitoris, external and internal. The silicone is engineered to absorb sonic waves and transmit them back to your clitoris, providing a maximized, fuller orgasm. "More, more, more!" is the energy here.

But what does that actually feel like in action? Check out what happened when I tried it, below.

What to know about trying the question-mark-shaped LELO Enigma suction vibrator.

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For this toy (and really any vibrator), I recommend cycling through the vibration patterns on a non-erogenous-zone body part first. This way, you won't have any sensational surprises you don't love when you try it on your more sensitive areas. What I find divine about doing this exercise on my arm is that it allows me to really feel the premium quality of the silicone, and that stokes anticipatory excitement in itself ahead of the main event. In this sense, it's basically foreplay with yourself.

The dynamic, full-service stimulation compounds pleasure nerves for one long, expansive grand finale.

When it comes time to introduce the toy to my pleasure center region, I immediately learn it's best to insert Enigma by holding the crook of the extension (where it bends) and then sliding it in. Next, I adjust the sonic suction nub accordingly. Once I'm going at it? "wow" is the best descriptor I can land onThe dynamic, full-service stimulation compounds pleasure nerves for one long, expansive grand finale. The sensation is unique and strong without ever becoming overwhelming. Still, the dual stimulation stands to uplevel your orgasm, so you can fully expect a toss-you-off-the-bed strength of climax.

All that said, Enigma does come with its catches: First, at $189, the price point is aspirational for many pleasure seekers (though it isn't unheard of for a toy of this stature and sophistication). Second, if you're looking for your first sex toy (or your first one in a while) I'd advise not investing in this one because it might be a better route to try a more general bullet or wand in order to see what you like before investing. Third, it's not super quiet when used externally, but in fairness, it's specifically meant to be used internally.

With all of this in mind, I categorize the LELO Enigma as a celebratory vibrator—a boudoir purchase that recognizes how far you've come (ha). When you you've gotten a promotion or you're celebrating a birthday, a session with the Enigma might be a gift you give yourself. And once it's in action, you'll feel that sense of abundance every time, special occasion or not—no question about it.

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