The Lelo Ina Wave 2 Is a Horse Among Rabbit-Style Vibrators

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Rabbits aren't just for Easter; they’re also the type of vibrator that's Miranda Hobbes–approved. Designed with both internal and external prongs, this kind of vibe is crafted to provide simultaneous clitoral and intravaginal (typically, G-zone) stimulation. Indeed, they’re a sex-toy twofer. And as for that Sex in the City connection, fans will remember the infamous scene when Miranda waxes poetic about her rabbit, and Samantha scoffs, “If you’re going to get a vibrator, at least get one called the horse.” Well, it may have taken a few decades to make Samantha's dreams come true, but better late than never: luxury sex toy company Lelo just released the veritable stallion of rabbit vibrators: The Lelo Ina Wave 2 ($199).

The latest incarnation of the Ina Wave, Lelo’s spin on the classic rabbit shape, the Lelo Ina Wave 2 is a two-limbed lover, like most rabbits. Unlike many other models on the market, however, the longer leg doesn’t vibrate. Rather, it gestures—it beckons. Instead of simply buzzing inside the vaginal canal, the long stem curls in and out like a finger making a "come hither" motion, essentially mimicking digital stimulation, or vaginal fingering. This movement allows the toy to stimulate your G-spot with the direct pressure it usually requires to experience orgasmic pleasure.

Approximately the size of two fingers—1.7 inches wide and 4.3 penetrable inches long—the long arm can be enjoyed by pleasure-seekers who aren’t focused on size alone. And since many rabbit vibrators are too thick for those who are new to sex toys, the Ina Wave 2 is a great option.

By contrast, the smaller arm looks like a thumb and buzzes like a bee. Designed to rest on the clitoris, the part of the vulva the majority of vagina-havers need stimulated in order to climax, this arm delivers high-quality bliss. Noteworthy both for folks who skew sensitive and enjoy heft alike, this model sports 12 different vibration settings, which range in intensity from subtle to quite strong.

It’s also worth mentioning that while this toy is marketed as a dual G-spot and clitoral stimulator, it can be used for anal penetration, too. (That said, you might want to lather on water-based lube before using it in this way). While the long arm fills your rear, the shorter arm can stimulate your perineum, which is the sensitive patch of skin between your front and back door, so to speak. This use of the Ina Wave 2 may be especially pleasurable for transfeminine folks who have a prostates, because the nerve-dense P-spot is also known for responding to a wave-like motion. (In fact, Lelo sells another product called the Loki Wave, $219, which is nearly identical to the Ina Wave 2—the main differentiator between the two is that the Loki Wave is primarily marketed to penis-havers).

Still not convinced? Close your eyes and think about your most luscious throw blanket. Made out of high-quality, velvety body-safe silicone, the Ina Wave 2 is that soft. Seriously. It’s also 100 percent waterproof, which makes it bathtub-loving compliant and shower-sex approved. Not to mention, the buttons are pretty intuitive, to use so you won’t have to worry about accidentally hitting the "OFF" switch mid-moan.

Ultimately, if you’re a fan of dual-stimulation, or think you might be, gallop to your web browser and order this toy equivalent of a thoroughbred. Your future-tense blended orgasms will thank you.

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