If You Like Receiving Oral Sex, You’re Sure to Love This Luxury Sex Toy

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Clitoral suction toys work by using air-suction technology to an effect that aims to feel like receiving oral sex—or, at least that’s what thousands of glowing reviews for models like the Womanizer, Tracy’s Dog Vibrator, and the Satisfyer would have you believe.And while these toys work for the many vulva owners who rate them highly, each version I've personally tried has felt too intense for me—which is a bummer considering receiving oral is among my favorite partnered sex acts. So when I heard about the LELO Ora 2, which claims to be the “world’s most intelligent oral sex simulator,” I immediately put in an order to try what is now the most luxe-looking item I own.

When I tell LELO's sexpert and human sexuality professor Zhana Vrangalova, PhD, that clitoral suction toys don’t typically work for me because of my sensitivity, she's unfazed. “It's a very different and unique experience, compared to simple external vibrator toys or suction-type stimulation that clit suction toys provide,” she says. I couldn't wait to see for myself whether she was right.

The LELO Ora 2 is a blue and gold, doughnut-shaped toy that’s no bigger than a closed fist. It has 10 vibration settings, including short waves, long waves, mixed waves, and pulses. Given my issues with vibration intensity, that aspect was what I was most excited for, but upon giving it a try, I quickly realized it's hardly the coolest feature of the product. That is, rather, the small “fake tongue” on one side of the ring that you can press up against your vulva to simulate, well, you know, what receiving oral feels like.

While many clit suction toys stimulate just the hyper-sensitive, external part of the organ, the rest, which extends back into the body, doesn't get any action. Since the LELO Ora 2 uses broad vibration and its high-tech "tongue," it's able to stimulate nerves beneath the surface, as well. And do trust: This is definitely a case of more being much, much better.

LELO Ora 2
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Here's what happened when I tried the Lelo Ora 2

After getting a video ready on Crash Pad (my porn site of choice) and stripping down to some silk underwear, I selected the lowest-possible vibration intensity and set the fake tongue to make circles around my clit, as opposed to swishing back and forth over it, like windshield wipers (which the device can also do).

When I came to discover that the Ora 2 is able to respond to your body by firmer tongue strokes as you press it harder to your vulva, I decided to try using it sans underwear, which is an unusual move for me. I added a bit of water-based lubricant to my vulva, as Dr. Vrangalova recommended I do. Then, I placed the toy to the side of my clit rather than directly on it and I pressed down gently. The result? W-O-W, with emphasis on that middle letter.

The second time I used the toy, I did so with my partner, who got in position between my legs as if they were preparing to give me oral Then, I used the Ora 2 on myself while they kissed my thighs, belly, and hips. It was intimate, to say the least.

It's worth noting that like with any other toy, this one won't work for everyone. Still, Dr. Vrangalova contends that many people who enjoy receiving oral sex will find this toy a great substitute for times when they find themselves without a partner. Plus, “the Lelo Ora 2 can be an amazing tool for a lot of people with vulvas who don't usually feel comfortable, safe, or confident receiving oral sex from partners, due to previous sexual trauma, internalized negative societal beliefs about receiving pleasure, or an inability to communicate what feels good down there," she says.

While the $189 price tag skews steep, I will say that mine has been out of my bedside drawer more often than it’s been in. So if you enjoy oral sex, you can bet the quickly diminishing price-per-use of the LELO Ora 2 will make it worth the splurge.

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