Get Lelo’s Best-Selling Rabbit Vibrator for 20% Off During Its Major ‘Back to Reality’ Sale

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Come one, come all. Preferably all, and preferably literally so, since everyone deserves to spend some quality time with their go-to sex toy on a regular basis. If you're looking to refresh your collection of pleasure products or have simply found more space on your nightstand for a new gadget, you're in luck: sex-toy company Lelo is having a summer sale it's dubbing as the "Back to Reality" sale.

Best-sellers like its rabbit (the Soraya 2) and the Smart Wand are up to 30 percent off, so take your pick and get some can't-miss deals from the Lelo summer sale.

The 5 best sex toys to get from the Lelo summer sale

Soraya 2 — $175.00

$175, was $219

This luxe rabbit vibrator offers up intense dual stimulation for the G-spot and clit, with features like extra flexibility, a sonographic design that helps target internal pleasure, and 12 settings (from a teasing murmur to a throbbing pulse). And, like many Lelo toys, this one is whisper-quiet.


Gigi 2 — $119.00

$118.50, was $139

For those who need a toy to pleasure their G-spot to achieve orgasm, the Gigi 2 delivers. The curved and flattened tip mimics the “come hither” motion and effectively hits the spot every time. Folks find that the tip helps deliver and targets those vibrations, and you can also flip it over and use it as a wand to stimulate the clit. This toy has eight pleasure settings and the quiet vibrations won’t wake up your roommate.

smart wand
Smart Wand — $119.00

$119.20, was $149

Not too small and not too big, the Smart Wand offers a sleek and elegant design, with a handle that’s comfortable to hold for hours on end. The bulbous tip is engineered to stimulate the clitoris and labia (as well as any other erogenous zones, like the nipples, anus, neck, etc.), and the vibrations smartly intensify based on the contact the toy makes with your body. Folks love this wand for its long-lasting power and super-smooth silicone material.

sona cruise
Sona 2 Cruise — $119.00

$118.15, was $139

The Sona 2 Cruise has been described as feeling like oral sex—but better. This toy sends contact-free pulsations (sonic waves, technically) to the clit, providing gentle (yet intense and deep) stimulation. Lelo’s unique tech offers a cruise control feature, which means intensity is automatically increased when pressed harder against the body. The mouth is also soft and big, to focus on as much surface area as possible. It’s got 12 pleasure settings, and, like all Lelo toys, is 100 percent waterproof.

tiani 3
Tiani 3 — $135.00

$135.20, was $169

Want to try out relinquishing some control to your partner during play time? (Or…at a new restaurant you two are trying? The movies?) The Tiani 3 is a vibrator you insert inside the vagina that targets your G-spot as well as the clitoris, and the vibrations are controlled by whomever is holding the wireless remote (which uses Lelo’s proprietary SenseMotion, which is as close to controlling the remote with your mind as you can get—intensify vibrations with the quick flick of a wrist).

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