3 Lesser-Known Adaptogens for Energy and Stress Relief in One Easy Decoction Recipe

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Considering the high level of anxiety and stress we've collectively been facing the past year, it's not surprising that adaptogenic herbs—which can help people feel less stressed when taken regularly—are popping up in more places. You might have heard of some of them, like ashwagandha and reishi. But a few lesser-known adaptogens deserve their time in the spotlight.

The latest episode of Plant-Based makes use of such adaptogens with a stress-busting decoction, an herbal tea that's simmered for a prolonged amount of time. Herbalist Rachelle Robinett highlights ginseng as particularly powerful. "This very special plant is the most studied herb in all of herbalism," she says. The name ginseng loosely translates to "cure all" because it is believed to be beneficial to your health in numerous ways, perhaps even improving circulation.

Licorice is another of the lesser-known adaptogens Robinett calls out in the video. "Licorice actually makes our cortisol last longer," she says, adding that contrary to what many believe, cortisol is not always "bad." In fact, we need it to thrive. Other benefits of licorice are that it's beneficial to gut health as well as hormone balancing.

In addition to ginseng and licorice, Robinett features cordyceps for its direct link to greater energy and immune health. "Cordyceps are also a very potent antioxidant," she says.

The recipe below combines the power of all three lesser-known adaptogens to create a mouthwatering decoction. Press play on the video above to learn how to make it.

Stress-busting decoction

Honey-coated licorice root 
Ginseng root
Fresh ginger
A handful of goji berries
Large pot of filtered water

1. Add the licorice, ginseng, ginger, cordyceps, and gobi berries to the large pot of filtered water.
2. Let the simmer mixture for 20 minutes. Strain out the herbs and pour it into a mug. Enjoy!

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