The Body’s 4 Lesser-Known Erogenous Zones Deserve to Be Touched ‘for the Very First Time’

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Even if you're not exactly an anatomy expert, you likely know that some parts of the body are considered "erogenous zones," pleasure hotspots that give all the feels. The more obvious ones include the clitoris and nipples, but doctor of human sexuality Sadie Allison, PhD, founder of GoLove CBD lube, says that there are four lesser-known erogenous zones worth exploring by yourself, or with the help of your quarantine partner.

"Erogenous zones are areas of the body that, when stimulated, can heighten sensitivity and may create a sexual response such as relaxation, sexual arousal and/or orgasm," says Dr. Allison. "Different types of bodies can have dozens of erogenous zones—with some regions being more common than others." Many of us still have much to explore when it comes to our own anatomy, but that ends today. Below, Dr. Allison breaks down four hidden spots along your skin that are well worth a "touch for the very first time."

4 lesser-known erogenous zones a doctor of sexuality encourages you to explore

1. The crura

This one is for you, vulva-owners. "These are essentially the 'clitoral legs': two erectile tissue structures, which together form a V-shape," explains Dr. Allison.

To stimulate them externally: Place your fingerpads on either side of the vaginal opening, which is called the vestibule. "Apply some undulating pressure to stimulate and massage these sensitive tissues. Experiment with different pressures to see how your body responds," says Dr. Allison. "Then, slowly glide your fingerpads up the length of your vulva to right beneath the clitoral head, or glans, and then back down again. Repeat. See if you can feel the delicate, slightly firm, spongy erect legs beneath the skin. While not everyone will notice it with this technique, it’s definitely worth a try!"

To stimulate internally: "Try reaching inside just a third of the way up from the vaginal opening and play with a mix of pressure and slight stroking stimulation on the front, or upper, wall to explore what feels good," says Dr. Allison. If you have a vibrator on hand, that can help you stimulate the crura. "Consider trying an internal vibe with a curved tip to help with more focused stimulation," adds Dr. Allison

2. Between the breasts

"While the breasts and nipples get a considerable amount of attention, we often pass over an awesome erogenous zone that’s just next door. The area between the breasts is easily accessible and can be stimulated with a variety of techniques," says Dr. Allison.

To stimulate this area: If you're working with a partner, she recommends using temperature play by asking your partner to breathe hot air onto your chest or licking that same space to create a cooling sensation. "If you’re by yourself, a heating pad or an ice cube can help you achieve the same effect," Dr. Allison says.

Alternatively, if you have lube or massage oil on-hand, you can use the palm of your hand to knead the skin in between each breast. "For a softer touch, gentle caressing with fingertips across the skin can feel amazing, or a soft drag of your nails can be enjoyable too. Experiment with various techniques and see what’s most pleasurable and exciting to you," she says.

3. the spot where the lower abdomen meets your thigh creases

Hovering just around the genitalia can feel really great, says Dr. Allison.

To stimulate this area: "Press the flat of your hands against the region in a rhythmic, circular pattern: starting on each side of the lower abdomen with slow steady, sweet strokes covering the entire zone," she says. "If you’re a vulva-owner, move the hands from the lower abdomen to the sides of the mons pubis [the tissue on top of the pubic bone] and then downwards, gliding past the outer labia, across to the inner thighs, and then stroke up past the 'V' skin fold and back up to the abdomen." You can also try tracing the same location with the light whisper of your fingertips, a feather, gentle kisses, or an ice cube.

4. THe forehead and eyelids

"These areas are underrated because they’re not often considered 'sexy' and tend to be thought of as comforting instead. It’s true, these areas can be very comforting—which is exactly why they’re sexy," says Dr. Allison.

To stimulate this area: Gliding one fingerpad across the eyelid gently, starting from the inner eyelid and moving outwards. Lift your finger and repeat. Then, use two to three fingerpads to massage cheeks and jaws in big circular motions with face lotion or oil, continuing on to the temples and forehead. "With very little pressure, drag fingertips all around the face, gently brushing up and over the nose, down and around the chin," says Dr. Allison.

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