This Washable Ottoman Means I Never Have To Worry About Dirt or Damage

Photo: Levity
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One may argue area rugs are the home decor pieces most vulnerable to everyday wear-and-tear. After all, we literally walk all over them, dragging our stinky, smelly feet through their fibers and tracking who knows what across their surfaces. Yuck.

But the ottoman is a close second. Footrests and poufs are designed to hold feet, too—and whatever else is on them. They're a vital piece of any living room, guaranteed to make any ole' armchair more relaxing with a swift lift of the legs. At the end of the day, they do get dirty. Shoes, sweaty socks, spilled drinks, pet dander from the cat or dog who's commandeered it as its personal bed—area rugs aren't the only pieces that have their work cut out for them.

That's why I'm so impressed with my new Levity washable ottoman. The home furniture brand behind a line of washable, "life-proof" living and dining room pieces recently released two new ottomans that are just as easy to care for and give whole new meaning to the phrase, "Sit back and relax." How? Thanks to a machine-washable slipcover, I can kick my feet up (and all they bring with them) stress-free, never worrying about dirt or damage. It's equal parts fashion and function, making sitting in my favorite armchair look and feel better than before—and if it gets dirty, it's just a quick wash away.

Levity Home, Transitional Ottoman — $299.00

Available in 35 different washable upholsteries you can mix and match as you please.

Find my full review below and see why the Transitional Ottoman ($299) has become the best seat in my house.

The Levity ottoman: An honest review


Putting this bad boy together is a breeze. It arrived packaged neatly in a single box that contained the foam ottoman, seat cover, legs, and screws needed to put everything together. The legs took maybe five minutes to screw into place using an Allen wrench (which was included) and felt sturdy and secure as soon as I flipped it over.

But the cover was the fun part. With the transitional ottoman, simply slip it over and stretch it down over the foam cushion. You'll find there are little loops that hang down from each corner—these stretch over two stakes in each corner to keep the slipcover in place and fit it to the cushion's form. It's so easy, and it makes taking it off to wash painless.

Look and feel

Currently, Levity offers two ottoman styles to choose from: The Transitional Ottoman (which I have) and the minimalist Mid-Century Tray Ottoman ($249). Both are sleek, stylish, and convenient to clean as needed.

The Transitional Ottoman is pretty much your standard footrest. The plush foam is comfortable but supportive so you can use it to kick your feet up or as additional seating when company comes over. Since it only comes in the walnut leg style, keep that in mind when choosing your upholstery. I ended up going with the Herringbone Off White slipcover since I wanted something to "pop" against the dark base, and it does just that.

As for the Mid-Century Tray Ottoman, expect more of a Scandinavian look and feel. It's far more slim and angular than the Transitional Ottoman, built with longer legs and a flat, square cushion that match perfectly with the brand's Scandinavian Lounge Chair ($499). Take that cushion off, though, and you've got yourself a handy media tray or coffee table, complete with a slot for your tablet and handles for easy lifting. Pretty nifty, eh?

Levity Home, Mid-Century Tray Ottoman — $249.00

Available in 35 different washable upholsteries and two wooden leg styles: white oak and walnut.

Quality and price point

I'll be honest—the washable angle is a total game changer for me. Normally, I would never buy a white ottoman; I live with a very dirty man and a very dirty dog... why would I ever subject my precious furniture to them?! But thanks to its washable, stain-resistant upholstery, I don't have to worry about scuffs and spills. It literally brings whole new meaning to the phrase "sit back and relax." Seriously, this thing has already had dirt, coffee, and sweat splashed on it, and usually a simple spot treatment does the trick just fine. So, on the durability front: 10/10.

Photo: Francesca Krempa

Now, I do think $300 for an ottoman is pricey. It is something you just pop your feet on, after all, and you can find chic footrests and poufs at retailers like Target for a distinctly lower price. However—you get what you pay for. The quick n' dirty (er, clean?) washable slip cover is well worth the price, in my opinion. And you can count on it to not fall apart, which—judging from my fair share of Amazon buys—cheap furniture doesn't promise. On top of the interchangeable covers, the cushions themselves are water-repellant foam, so there's no worrying about liquid seeping into the cushion itself. So, yes, $250-$300 for a footrest is pricey, but when you know your footrest is going to withstand the test of time and make your life worry-free, it's worth every penny (for me, at least).


As we know, the furniture industry is not necessarily the most sustainable market. In 2018, the EPA reported that 12.1 million tons of furniture and furnishings were tossed into landfills. In 1960, that number was just 2.2 million tons, for comparison's sake.

From sourcing materials to extending the life of the product, home design retailers are slowly figuring out how to make more Earth-friendly furniture for the long haul, and Levity is up there with them. Since all of its pieces are washable, (save for the dining tables, though those are heat-and water-resistant), this makes furnishings feel (and look) salvageable over an extended period of time, which prevents pieces from ending up in landfills.

Think about it: You don't need a completely new ottoman if you spill a glass of red wine on it or the dog pees on it (it happens!). Instead, you can throw its cover in the wash for it to come out as good as new. And, if for some reason it doesn't, you can simply purchase a new slip cover instead of having to purchase a whole new piece.

Unfortunately, the brand doesn't currently offer any trade-in or secondhand options for shoppers passionate about reducing their footprint even more. But washability is certainly a good start.

Kick your feet up—this ottoman has got you covered

As I sit here writing this piece with my feet stretched out on my Levity ottoman, I think it's safe to say I'm a big fan. It's ticked off my biggest box: having a comfortable footrest that matches my home's aesthetic. But it's goes above and beyond in terms of convenience and upkeep, taking the hassle out of everyday wear-and-tear. It can handle sweaty feet, dirty shoes, a playful pup, coffee, snack crumbs and more, making it a no-brainer in my book. Take it from me and invest in this piece if you want to sit back and *actually* relax.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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