Lavender Is the New Millennial Pink—at Least, When It Comes to Activewear

Photo: Alo
Call me basic, but I'm still a big fan of all things millennial pink—you know, that pale rosé color that's taken over our sneaker collections, our kitchenware, and even our Whole Foods hauls. (Radicchio: So 'grammable.) The only problem? This blush-toned hue's been hot for so long that it's reached total saturation point in my wardrobe.

So I was stoked to notice a fresh pastel creeping into the spring-summer fitness fashion collections: lavender. Unlike the shades you might have worn as a kid, this season's light purple activewear options are less "Easter-egg hunt," more "poolside yoga in Miami." Some have cool, grey undertones that dial down their sweetness. Others are energized with an ever-so-subtle hint of pink.  Either way, lavender is this season's "breakout color," according to Mystika Jones, creative director of apparel at Alo. "You see the color everywhere—from celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Dua Lipa in lavender eyeshadow on the red carpet to Kylie Jenner wearing it head-to-toe at the Met Gala," she says. "It's a color associated with royalty, so from a fitness fashion standpoint, it gives you confidence and motivates you to keep moving."

The best part about the pale purple activewear craze, in my opinion, is that there are so many ways to give it a whirl. If you don't want to go all in, you can add a splash of lilac to your workout look with a smartwatch band, a pair of sneakers, or a sports bra. Or if you're like me and you want to go ultra-violet, you can find an endless array of leggings, tops, and jackets in the color. Jones recommends pairing lavender pieces with neutral colors such as white or beige. She also loves lavender in oversized streetwear silhouettes, like a cropped hoodie or sweatpants, or as a sports bra layered under a lightweight bomber jacket or sundress.

Who knows—this might be the trend that (finally!) helps me move on from millennial pink for good.

Two more ways to get your candy colors on this season: bike shorts and grandpa sneakers.

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