Stylists Are Begging You To Swap Heavy Hair Creams and Butters for These Lightweight Moisturizing Sprays for Spring

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When spring comes around, we trade our rich creams for lighter lotions to tailor our skin-care routines to the warmer temps. So why not do the same for your hair? Considering heavy lotions and butters weigh down the hair and prevent much-needed hydration from penetrating the strands, stylists say swapping in lightweight sprays and oils can make a world of difference once the real sweaty seasons set in.

"In summer and spring, heavy butters and oils on your hair will basically dry it out more, because they're creating a thick barrier on the hair that prevents moisture from sinking in," says Mika English, a hairstylist at The Ursula Stephen Salon in Brooklyn. In the winter (when there's less humidity in the air), this barrier can be helpful for sealing in moisture and keeping dry air out, but in the warmer months, it's overkill. And when it's really hot (looking at you, July in New York City),"heat and oil together will fry your hair," says English.

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Additionally, those thicker products don't hydrate and moisturize your strands. "They aid with styling and getting through the week, but to really get inside the cuticle, you need water and conditioner," says English, which means a regular wash with a good, moisturizing conditioner is tantamount. Even if you have dry hair and can get away with washing less frequently, derms say not to go more than 10 days without a wash and condition.

"A lot of people feel like extra moisturizers and oils are essential, but if you just wash your hair more frequently, you'll feel your hair adjust to the water," says English. "When a plant is dry, we water it. It's the same concept with hair."

Once you have your hair washed and conditioned, English recommends lightweight moisturizing hair sprays to keep your hair conditioned throughout the week. "I always prefer liquid or oil products over creamy-based or butter-based products," she says. "Creams and butters tend to lay on top of the hair, whereas liquid goes inside [the strand] and makes the hair easier to manage."

To keep your hair optimally moisturized this spring and summer, shop English's favorite lightweight moisturizing hair sprays and oils below. "They're all really lightweight, but they fix the problem rather than just lay on top," she says. Consider us sold.

Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner — $25.00

This leave-in spray gets deep into the hair delivering nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and fennel seed oil to detangle and prime coils, curls, and waves for a frizz-free finish.

Pattern Argan Oil Blend — $25.00

English loves argan oil because it’s so lightweight. This oil from Pattern blends argan with sunflower seed oil, castor oil, and more to moisturize, soften, and strengthen curls and coils.

It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Product — $13.00

Smooth frizz, detangle hair, and restore shine with this excellent nourishing spray. It hydrates hair while also shielding it from UV damage. Use it on damp hair or to refresh dry hair.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum — $27.00

Protect your hair against humidity while nourishing it with this hair serum. It will speed up drying time while smoothing and conditioning strands, leaving your hair silky, shiny, and frizz-free.

Biosilk Silk Therapy — $25.00

This tried-and-true multi-use, super lightweight oil can be applied to wet or dry hair to replenish, repair, smooth, and protect all hair types.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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