Lindsey Vonn’s Best Wellness Advice Is so Simple and Smart

Photo: Instagram/@lindseyvonn
These days it’s anyone’s guess as to what keeps a person in shape physically, mentally, and emotionally. From adaptogens and collagen supplements to transcendental meditation and forest bathing, there are any number of ways to feel better.

But wellness doesn’t have to be complicated or unusual. Lindsey Vonn, 32, the most-decorated alpine skier in America—who's fighting to compete against men, BTW—keeps it simple. She can’t credit her success to just one thing, obviously, but the TheraBand ambassador does know what helps: “Sleep. I feel like sleep solves everything. If you’re sick, go take a nap, go to bed early. In any situation, I feel like sleep is the best solution.”

"I feel like sleep solves everything.”

Her daily dose is a whopping 10 hours—at least that’s the goal. “Usually it’s nine, plus an hour nap,” Vonn says. "My priority is making my body feel the best it possibly can, and that’s always what seems to make it feel better." Given her gold-medal status, makes you rethink the whole "snooze you lose" thing, right?

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