These 9 Lip Glosses Will Keep Your Lips Dewy and Nourished All Summer Long

Photo: Stocksy/Paff
Just like hair trends, lip trends ebb and flow in phases. For a while, matte lips were having a moment—a non-shiny pout that's full of pigment but without reflecting light. Now, things have migrated in the opposite direction, because uber-shiny lip glosses are back, baby (yep, just like in middle school).

“Though the 'no-makeup, makeup' look is in, shine is making a comeback," says celebrity makeup artist Clarissa Luna (who's worked with Camila Cabello and Jane Krakowski). "The great thing about the return of lip gloss is it helps give the face a youthful radiance while still adding that glimmer."

The best part is that so many are nourishing via ingredients like jojoba and coconut oils and cocoa butter, which means your lips will be moisturized while getting a dash of shimmering pigment. And they can balance practically any look, from a smokey eye to a monochromatic face. "Whether you're wearing mascara with just a swipe of lip gloss or putting on a full face, this trend can and will go with anything," adds Luna. Time to nab that shine.

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