These Powder Mocktails Hydrate You Twice As Fast as Water and Have Almost 50K Reviews—Here’s What Happened When I Tried Them

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So, yeah, it doesn’t sound that great. Mocktail water flavoring? Why not just drink a mocktail? Why not just drink water? Is this supposed to make me think I am drinking a cocktail? I had all of these questions. Then I gave the new Liquid I.V. Mocktails Hydration Multipliers ($26) a taste.

Personally, I originally learned about Liquid I.V. as a "going out cure" (sorry, Mom!). So, when I saw this new launch, I actually thought it was pretty genius to flip the script and creatively meet the people where we are in in the new year. Whether testing the waters of sobriety, exercising more, or just feeling a bit run down from the busy holiday season, this is the product for you if you're cutting back on drinking alcohol but still enjoy a delicious, multi-tasking drink.

The launch included two limited edition mocktail flavors: Cucumber Mojito and Smoky Mezcal Paloma. These flavors come as additions to the classic Liquid I.V. product line—the Hydration Multiplier. The Hydration Multiplier is designed with the brand’s signature technology and ingredient makeup that allows water to be absorbed at an earlier point in the digestive process than just plain old water. This makes these little packets pretty powerful—we’re talking quicker hydration, more electrolytes than the average sports drink, and added vitamins.

Overall, I really enjoyed both flavors. While yes, they do in fact offer the flavor profiles the names promise, it is still clear that you’re drinking a water additive. If you are familiar with Liquid I.V. (if not, read our Energy Multiplier Liquid I.V. review), both flavors still have the saltiness and texture that is typical of the core flavors. If you are not familiar with this mouthfeel, expect a more viscous sip than typical of just water or even other sports drinks.

The flavor breakdown

Cucumber Mojito:
Liquid I.V.’s description: "Cucumber Mojito Hydration Multiplier is non-alcoholic and true-to-taste like a freshly muddled mojito, featuring notes of cucumber, lime, and mint. Then, sweetness is balanced by full-bodied white rum flavor."

My review: To me, this flavor is delightfully refreshing. It tastes a lot like the original lemon-lime flavor of this product, but if you added that to cucumber water you might get in a hotel lobby or at the spa. I was missing the mint a bit, but the sweetness of a typical mojito was also there. I also didn’t taste any hints of rum, but I wasn’t mad about that at all. As is the case with a true cucumber cocktail, cucumber can be a powerful flavor, and it is definitely the main player in this taste profile.

Smoky Mezcal Paloma: 
Liquid I.V.’s description: "Smoky Mezcal Paloma Hydration Multiplier features notes of tart grapefruit with a twist of lime accentuated by smoky/woody notes of aged mezcal and a hint of sea salt."

My review: The smokiness is just right. I know mezcal as a liquor can be pretty divisive in terms of its unique taste (I personally enjoy it!), and I was worried it would not translate well here. However, I think they got the smokiness just right. The hint of sea salt is also certainly there, but I think that comes from the saltiness of the product itself, as all Hydration Multiplier flavors in my opinion have a certain saltiness that can be hard to get used to. In this flavor, I missed the grapefruit a bit. A bit more tartness would have cut the smokiness quite nicely, especially for those who have a more tumultuous relationship with mezcal, but it still held its own and I think deserves to keep its name.

Overall, they’re both pretty tasty. I actually like them more than some of the traditional flavors. However, they do indeed taste like a mocktail, so I preferred them in the afternoon rather than earlier in the day, when I would typically enjoy my Liquid I.V. I also found myself adding to a bit more water than the recommended 16 ounces, just so that the flavor and texture wasn’t quite as powerful.

How does the hydration part work?

Liquid I.V. works like most sports drinks do, but is more effective, thanks to its Cellular Transport Technology, which allows water to absorb to absorb faster into the body. The brand explains it as "an expedited water delivery system." This is why so many people swear by Liquid I.V. when they're parched (after working long hours without access to water, a strenuous workout or race, etc.).

I'm not the only one who was delighted by Liquid I.V.'s mocktail-inspired Hydration Multipliers—the brand has nearly 50,000 glowing reviews on its site. "I’m a huge fan of liquid IV! I’m an ICU nurse who absolutely needs to stay hydrated. Prior to liquid IV, I forgot to drink enough water... post? Well, let’s just say I gulp one bottle down mixed with this good stuff each morning," one reviewer writes. Another says, "This stuff is so good for when I’m dehydrated from backpacking!"

Basically, if you're looking for a mixed drink alternative that still lives you feeling hydrated (and is still delicious and tastes like a mixed drink), Liquid I.V. is your best bet.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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