This Dry Shampoo Has 5,800 5-Star Reviews, and It’s On Sale for Amazon Prime Day

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The benefits of washing your hair are well documented: Shampoo dislodges dirt that accumulates between hair follicles and it can help clear the way for a optimal environment for growth. But if you're anything like me and you find yourself deciding to skip a wash "because you're going to actually work out tomorrow," then dry shampoo can come in handy. And no dry shampoo does the job better than Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo ($27, down from $39), which is discounted 30 percent today for Amazon Prime Day.

Living Proof was founded sixteen years ago by a techy team of stylists and scientists. Their goal was to create a silicone-free shampoo line, and they did so by patenting technology at MIT. Since the brand's inception, the line has grown to be filled with cult-favorites that are meant to fight frizz, make curls springy, tend to our scalps, mend dry, damaged hair, and the list goes one. At present, the brand has launched 50 products—as a quick flex, the brand also holds 20 patents— but none has more fanfare than the dry shampoo.

The reason that people swear by the stuff is that it has "triple-action cleaning technology," which targets the oil and sweat in your hair through three different mechanisms. First, the rice starch in the spritz works to soak up the grease and grime that are lingering from daily living. As a reminder, the skin (including the scalp) produces sebum or oil to moisturize itself daily. While sebum on its own is NBD, the bacteria that live on our skin feed on it, so it's good to fully remove it regularly through washing. When you can't remove it, however, you can hide it, and that's what the powder or rice starch in dry shampoo is doing.

Next up, the "healthy hair molecule" helps to provide a slip on the hair so that, once the rice starch has absorbed grease, it can easily be removed or shaken off of the strands. This is important because, the product goes on white. You're meant to leave it for thirty seconds so that it can do its job, and from there you can brush it away. This technology allows the dry shampoo to be more easily hidden than other formulas, which is part of the reason it has so many five-star reviews. Lastly, the fragrance in the formula is a time-release scent, meaning that it actually continues to smell good throughout the day rather than mixing with your oils and making your hair smell, uhhh, even worse.

Today, the jumbo size of the dry shampoo is on sale, and may I suggest buying multiple cans. While I cycle through shampoos, salt sprays, and curl creams regularly, when I need a dry shampoo this is the only one that I reach for. It's a step-above the others because it's formula works in such a unique way. Five-star, 10/10 recommend for this triple-acting wonder.

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